What Businesses Need

You took a serious decision to become a successful Internet businessman. I shake your hand, a colleague – is the right decision at 100%! First, let’s get acquainted. My name is Julia Kolesnikova I’m 23. Now dwell in the glorious city of Petra. I am an independent partner and investor in an international corporation. I want to share with you their knowledge and experience in doing business on the Internet. So, are you ready? Let’s go! Our today’s lesson I want to start with the truism that, nevertheless, are crucial for the future of your business. Where should you start? Here are 14 basic points, without whom today you will not be able to conduct full-fledged business in network.

Opredelites with the theme of your business. What you well understand? In what field you have experience? What can you share, to teach, what problems to solve? IMPORTANT: You will not succeed in business, which does not yet understand, do not know! Look close and familiar to you free! 2.Zapishite specific goals of your business. Why do you all picks? What do you want to achieve? If you want money, write down the exact figure: how much do you want to get your business day, week, month, year? If you want fame and recognition, determine what it means for you specifically? Article about you in the well-known business magazines? Recognition on the street? NOTE: Objectives need to be sure to write on paper! Otherwise, from They sense a zero! Study the literature on your topic. To be always on horseback, and the latest trends, must continuously learn, gain new knowledge.

4. Buy a domain level 2 for your site! IMPORTANT: Businessmen in the free hosting look silly and ridiculous! Business requires investment, albeit small, but the investment! Make your website. Now there are many programs for creating websites that do not require general knowledge of the language html. If you can work in Word, then these programs will learn in no time! Start a blog. IMPORTANT: Direct communication with your audience – the success of your business! Write interesting articles, reviews, reviews on their business. Make a small mailing list for the visitors. Do competent paid and free advertising of your project. Closely monitor the results. Adjust their actions. Experiment looking for new ideas. Constantly (!) Read, listen, you will find information on your topic! Maintain your motivation: – visit the training in personal growth – study achievements of others in their field – keep a positive attitude – believe in yourself – create proper environment. It is these pillars and built a successful business. A solid foundation – the main part of the building! The next time we’ll talk to you about the current trends of business on the Internet.