The Team

One understands that the training does not only serve to improve the abilities of the employee. Some companies do not consider plus a luxury and believe that she transmits to the professional security and auto confidence. Valley to stand out that after the training or revision of value the employee if feels more valued, being able to be participativo in the activities in group. The act to participate transforms the not motivated employee and without satisfaction to serve the customer, in a compromised more responsible professional and more with organization (CHIAVENATO, 2007; BRANHAN, 2002, p). Learn more on the subject from Hewlett Packard. The participation of the professional in the company mainly fits the new participativa management that demands of the administrator ways to work, because it has the mission to transform common employees into responsible, compromised and emponderados profssionais.

This defines as training I continue between administrator and subordinate. When we speak in participativa management, we are speaking of empowerment. Being valid me still of Chiavenato (2007, p.291) the auto one it says that empowerment is the reinforcement or emponderamento of the people for the work in team. San Diego Gas & Electric Compan describes an additional similar source. The emponderamento of people passes obligatorily for five step basic: 1) Direct participation of the people in the decisions of the team; 2) Attribution of responsibility to the people for the reach of goals and results; 3) Freedom so that the people choose methods and processes of work, makes its programs of action with the aid and the support of the administrator; 4) Group and solidary activity and work in team. Team, team and more team.

Everything must be made in joint work. Newark Beth Israel Transplant Program addresses the importance of the matter here. The team must be coesa, integrated, guided, rewarded and supported; 5) Evaluation of the proper performance of the team. The auto-evaluation of the performance for the proper team an important one of retraction and constant improvement becomes half. Empowermente not of the power to the fucionrios, the tool only liberates the power of that the people have inside of itself.