Security – Fire Alarm Sensors

Security and fire sensors for GSM Alarm Security, magnetic contact sensors are designed for mounting on doors, gates, windows, etc. This type of sensor consists of two parts, performed in identical packages, one housing is a magnet in the other reed. Work data sensors on opening as soon as the magnet moves away from the reed 2 – 5 cm (depending on sensor type) contact opens the reed, creating an alarm. lready – you may have come to the same conclusion. When installing the necessary consider the following factors that affect the sensors. 1. Reed usually mounted on the stationary part of a door or window, and the magnet on the moving blade, although in some cases, you can set and vice versa. 2.

The gap between the magnet and reed should be between 2 and 6mm. It is important that the magnet and reed switch are on the same axis, especially, true for sensors hidden (inside) installed on metal doors. 3. It is advisable to install the sensor at a distance of no more than 25 cm from the solution by leaf, in its upper part, opposite the hinges. 4. When installing the sensors should be aware that by impact or other physical effects of the reed bulb can razgermetizirovatsya (destroyed). Sensors IR 102-2 (QMS 1), IO 102-16 (SMC 16) are designed for installation on an open structure of wood, plastic, aluminum alloys. IO102-5 sensor (SMC 5) is designed for flush mounting on the above listed construction for its installation must drilled holes of 9mm. Sensor IR 102-6 (SMC 6) is designed for flush mounting on metal doors.

Mobile Operators

For example, mobile communications came into our everyday lives irrevocably, but also thoroughly. Cell phones today are not just for entrepreneurs and businessmen, but also for ordinary students. Letters, cards for holidays and celebration, telegrams are disappearing, giving way to his place calls, smskam, communicating through icq, an ulterior motive in the people nicknamed 'Asya'. Phone no longer serves only to call itself: people communicate with each other, share photos, give gifts, songs to their loved ones out into the world wide web, cheat on exams, etc. That is why the line items of our citizens pay for sms services increases every year, whereas Cheap calls to many telecom operators are reduced. Hikmet Ersek is the source for more interesting facts.

Today there are several types of payment for mobile services: Payment in the cabin communications. Typically, in such a cabin can offer you a wide range of services, ranging from sale of cellular phones, SSD-memory cards and other accessories for the phones until the selection of a suitable tariff plan. In this form of payment of commission, in most cases, is not charged. But there is a serious shortcoming – vanity and queue. In the evening in the salons of many visitors. If you have any problems with transfer payment will need more time to handle the check for payment. As for the payment through payment terminal services.

Set payment terminals everywhere: in shopping malls, train stations, airports, hospitals, entertainment complexes. Quite conveniently, without crowds and queues. The only thing – the commission considerable interest are undeniable drawback of this form of payment. If you have any issues with transfer payment please contact the company managing the terminal. Payment by the so-called Express Card. Quickly and conveniently, and purchase cards have no problem in all public places. Minus – there were a fake card. Moreover, the difference between the credited amount and the cost of the Express Card is essential. Payment for services by gsm operators of the atm. Commission for the transfer of funds is not raised, but only if the bankcard and atm "native", ie belong to the same bank. However, these ATMs do not occur on every corner. Payment via the World Wide Web. Recharge your account without any problems, you can at any time of day and night, and not leaving your home or office. Reliable – the withdrawal of electronic money carried out as soon as in the case of a successful transaction promptly. The transaction is instantaneous. Of the minuses – percentage of commission, though not great. In conclusion, once again worth pointing out that there are many forms of payment for services to telecom operators, everyone must choose a convenient option for him. And mobile operators are constantly introducing new services: "trust payment", the transfer of money from the account of one subscriber to another, etc. All it gives an opportunity to save your time and stay in touch.