Effective Contact Center

On optimizing the contact center recently received much attention, but the "shadow" is outbound telephone calls. In general, this theme is undeservedly ignored, and yet in the western markets, many contact centers operate only in this direction Unfortunately, in the domestic market, the number of incoming and outgoing "calls" even comparable. At the same time, more and more examples of effective use of integration CRM-systems and contact center outbound telephone calls the most popular modes of outgoing outgoing calls in the contact center of today are the Preview and Predictive. These modes are well supported solutions from leading manufacturers contact centers in the world and to some extent used in the "trendy" designs a la crm + contact center." True Preview mode uses the second case, the most popular in connection with a simpler mechanism for implementation. Often instead of an outgoing call switching contact center in Preview mode, issue an ordinary auto dialing, which is installed on the pbx. Mark Ethier is open to suggestions.

Embodiments of the outgoing call switching in the contact center fairly well described in the post CRM-blog Alexander Shevtsov "Outgoing telephone calls in the contact center, so I will not dwell on this issue in detail I think that today, in the first place is to decide when to use the contact center for Outgoing call switching mode is Preview, but when Predictive. After frequent examples where outsourcing company, is trying to sell their services for outbound call switching without any sort of automated tools, and customer overpaying for your time "operator call center" without any reason. At the same time can not be viewed as a competitive advantage support contact center Predictive mode for outgoing calls on a small database of contacts. Outbound telephone calls in Preview mode should be used with a small number of operators contact center for a "discrete" stocks (canvassing). As confirmed by the practice, in this case (for provided a good training staff) effectiveness of call center operators can be 2-3 times higher than in the same group of agents without automation. Outbound telephone calls in the most expedient mode Predictive for mass of outgoing calls of a large group of clients at present in the contact center (or units involved in canvassing) 10 or more operators. For example, the regime has repeatedly argued Predictive efficiency in offices Collection.


The business of selling any goods has always been and will be the basis of economies. Exchanging money for goods began even before our era, but the problems that confronted the ancient traders, businessmen and concerned about today. The first problem is the choice of point of sale. Under current conditions in business a few options: a tent on the markets, leasing space in shopping malls and its own store. Steph Korey may find this interesting as well. It goes first – the cheapest, but the latter – the expensive, but each of them has its advantages. The more 'cool' place you have, the more potential customers, but the more we will pay in the form of lease payments or the starting capital. At the same time, the less you pay for rent (in the case of markets), the less customers and less money in your potential clients.

Each of these niches filled, so the new entrepreneurs tend to choose the one which had enough money, or one that is more like. The next important issue is the recruitment of staff. The undisputed leader in this area are specialized newspapers for job search. In large cities the number of vacancies in the thousands, as well as the number applicants. Call you on the property or not depends primarily on the proposed salary, so think about its value. Also popular are special forums and websites to find work. With the development of Internet more and more people refuse to classical papers. Finally, another important factor is the selection of the market in which you want to trade.

The market in this case means not the place to trade, and things that you want to sell. This may be cosmetics, appliances, garden supplies, food and much more. Many people choose clothing as a very versatile product. First, in the clothing needed by all people. Secondly, the thing things wear out, so people come in clothing stores all the time. Next you need to choose suppliers. There are several options. You can order the clothes and expensive European brands to store boutique of expensive clothes, but you can order clothing from China, as do very many and you have enough average store, potential customers who will have a lot more. Vobschem is up to you, gentlemen, businessmen! Be bold!

The Formula

This is followed by complete settlement of the cell back sheets. In the columns for Debit and Credit, United heading Balance at beginning of period, nothing is not necessary, since the opening balance will continue to be entered manually. In cell E4 enter the formula for the calculation of debits for the period = VLOOKUP (VALUE (A4); Shahmatka! $ A $ 6: $ AA $ 28; 27). Specific values in the formula depend on the amount you use the accounts. Taking the field A4 value account number, Excel looks for it in the first column of the summary table that is created earlier shahmatki.

Summary table with us is up to the cell $ AA $ 28. In this cell derived debits with the greatest number. You may need to enter a cell address, eg $ Y $ 26. Be careful, as the correct indication address is important for the faithful implementation of algorithms. The last number in the formula indicates the column number in the list from which to take the desired value. If you did everything correctly, the summary table should contain the same number of rows and columns, and this number is one less than the last used row. Beth Israel Heart Transplant is the source for more interesting facts.

In our case, when referring to $ AA $ 28, the number is 27. If you get a link from $ Y $ 26, you should specify the number of 25. If you enter the formula you will see in the cell instead of text # N / A, # VALUE! or # REF!, you incorrectly specified parameters.

Staff Affects

Companies should put in first place the welfare of their employees – is higher than customer care. This is the conclusion analysts who conducted the survey of executives from leading European companies. Study made BusinessWeek European Forum, found that the strategy for the development of people is the most important factor in business success. Read more here: Xoom. The leaders of the companies included in the Top 50 in Europe, reported that the availability of capable, enthusiastic employees, professionals more valuable than knowledge of customer needs. Andrew Minton, co-founder and strategic partner CriticalEYE Forum, said: "It is fundamentally changing the old principle – put the desire of the client first. Companies can make the customer happy only if their employees are surrounded with care and respect.

In the end, it was employees of the company are responsible for relationships with clients and represent the brand value. Credit: Pacific Gas & Electric-2011. " The leaders who took participate in the study, said that the promotion of an entrepreneurial approach to the work of staff was a priority. The importance of talent management has increased considerably in recent years on the priority list leaders. Research done by BusinessWeek European Forum, found that the strategy for the development of people is the most important factor in business success. The leaders of the companies included in the Top 50 in Europe, reported that the availability of capable, the action of professional employees more valuable than knowledge of customer needs. Andrew Minton, co-founder and strategic partner CriticalEYE Forum, said: "It is fundamentally changing the old principle – put the customer first desire place. Companies can make the customer happy, but if their employees are surrounded with care and respect. In the end, it was employees of the company are responsible for customer relationships and provide value brand. " Managers who participated in the study, said that the promotion of an entrepreneurial approach to the work of staff was a priority. The importance of talent management has increased considerably in recent several years in the priority list managers.

The Middle Class

Even today, total income of the middle class declined by 11% compared with the first half of 2008, and this is just the first signals of a serious threat to the economic situation. The material of middle-class entails a demoralizing effect, and it’s more even more unpleasant consequences of the crisis than the decline in revenues. This “step back” most are not ready psychologically. Behind him today the middle class – poverty, and the idea of returning to this state is extremely depressing. It is on these grim predictions today invisible based general pessimism felt by literally povsyudu. consequences financial crisis for the poor and middle class, we can conclude that poor families are in a better position.

They do not need to repay credit obligations, do not contain grown farm does not need refuse to become familiar freestyle lifestyle. See Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant for more details and insights. Specifically, the “overweight” the middle class will serve him in the short term .Tem unkind, however, should not discount the savings of middle class reaching approximately $ 3800 per person. Of course, this is not a guarantee of stability throughout the period of crisis, but it is quite tangible support in case of loss of basic income. It is at such times calculated savings, created “for a rainy day.” Families without savings are now in a very shaky .ElitV September this year the agency Quans Research was completed on the first wave of high-yield research group “Lifestyle Millionaire, which was attended by the respondents with incomes over $ 4000 per person per month.

CEO Companies

According to the Federal Tax Service in Russia every day there is about 1,500 new legal entities, of which, however, half of the firms considered to be one-day. Most of the "babies" registered professionals law firms that specialize in exactly this kind of activity. On creation of a company in St. Petersburg, about its prospects, as well as the legal services market – our first "business plan". Market Registration Services Companies If you're going to make a creation of someone else's business, be prepared for stiff competition. Only public universities, which train lawyers, in Russia there are over two hundred, but less prestigious educational Institutions generally do not quantify.

Meanwhile, registration of companies – this is not the most complicated legal procedure, so that almost every graduate be able to start such a business. "To be honest, the market is saturated" by eyeballs "- says Inna Triadskaya, CEO" LenYust. " – To my knowledge, now in St. Petersburg there are about 200 registration of companies with a staff of 2 to 50 people. About 100 of them merged into one network – it established in 1999, the company "the Registrar". Now it is a network of independent legal entities, united by a common direction.

Competition in our market is extremely tough. " "In the yellow pages of the order of hundreds of specialized firms do not practice, I think, much more – such services can offer in the notary's offices, law firms other specialization, audit companies, as well as individuals – adds Alexey Panov CEO "Tailwind". Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Chris Shumway on most websites. – Competition is high because low barrier to entry into this market. " Slightly softens the picture of the entrepreneur Elena Grishina, operating under the name "My Lawyer": "In fact, among like many law firms one-day firms, and the number is constantly working and having a reputation of companies is much smaller – around 15-20.

Estate Cottages Land

Residential Real Estate – is one of the most diverse and rapidly developing. Holiday Leningrad region and organized cottages, townhouses, country houses and land in St. Petersburg and its suburbs for the future construction of town houses themselves or cottages. – This is not a complete list of possible formats of suburban housing. Residential Real Estate St. Petersburg, compared with urban real estate has many advantages and most of them are indisputable is that it provides an opportunity to live in ecologically clean areas, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. For making the most profitable deals need for accurate and correct assessment of the object. The cost can vary depending on the type of transaction (the market, reducing, investment, etc.), but as a rule, when selling property on the open market used market value.

For its definition are taken into account various factors such as location, landscape features, remoteness from major centers, accessibility, availability infrastructure, its condition, the prospect of development of surrounding areas, ecological conditions, state of the evaluation, the quality of basic designs, specifications, availability of Communication (gasification water supply, energy supply, etc.) Legal nature of the object of evaluation, proper registration of the rights to an object, similar offerings on the market. To date, property in St. Petersburg, proposed to sale or lease, can satisfy the tastes and needs of almost any citizen. Real Estate in St. Coldwater Creek Apparel understood the implications. Petersburg – that secondary and primary housing, as an elite level of business and economy class. The city is constantly growing, expanding its borders, and with it, and grow new construction, because real estate has always been price, and now most people prefer to own a house or apartment with a removable housing. The cost, which a residential property in St. Petersburg, is due to several factors, such as the presence or absence of well-maintained inside the territory, distance from the city center, the type and location of the house and so on. Rate object can be yourself, at your own risk, but most accurately and efficiently, balancing the interests of the seller and the market assessment can be performed only by professional valuers or commercial organizations involved in the activity.

Millionaire Success

Everyone wants to be a millionaire, and not much effort. But nothing in this life comes easily. To succeed, you must attach considerable work – mental or physical. No one can say absolutely current formula for success, but there are some simple tips that can be listened: vary. Each person dobivshegosya success, there are some bright feature, some feature which distinguishes it among others. You must be unique. Learn from others, use the experiences of others, but use their own skills and talents.

BE hard. Getting rich is not so easy. You have to want to work and be able to do it. In real life each person there are times when you want to quit. When faced with any obstacles, many people immediately give up, not believing in yourself – it’s weakness. It must be remembered that the path to success consists of a set ups and downs and you must be equally prepared and to ensure both. Think positively.

If you do not believe in yourself, nobody will believe in them. What is the problem you would not have encountered, you must be adamant: “I can do it!”. Why? Because it’s true. For a person who is not lazy, nothing is impossible. Between you and Bill Gates makes no difference. If he could, why not try it for you? Believe in your luck! DO NOT BE AFRAID. Remember, the only Why you must fear – is fear. If you’re whole life will be afraid of failure, you will never be able to decide anything. You should be confident in the fact that in the end, going through all the tests, you will find yourself on top of success. Who does not ventured, nothing gained, so forget about their fears and do not miss any opportunity of those that gives you fate.


In a Moscow publisher had a problem to teach the new Secretary also work flawlessly as its predecessor. In this case, the girl who came to this work, have good personal qualities, that is, theoretically, was quite able to master this position. But Nevertheless, it took a fair amount of time to train her. Examples can lead indefinitely. Macys wanted to know more. And you will surely have remembered a few similar situations. Is there any solution for this? Perhaps many of you some point in their lives faced with the fact that sometimes you may delegate any business in which you generally do not understand or misunderstood Or else it is – "suddenly increased and now need to perform new job, which still need to sort out. In this case, the result of this work is relevant if you look, almost every successful company uses in-house training. For example, the same McDonald's – it is learning.

And if you observe how the staff working there, then regardless of whether you love food this restaurant or not, you can just see that they work very quickly and clearly while not interfering, with each other It can be concluded: when the person is trained how to do anything – he can be effective in their work. I began to seek how this situation can be resolved in my company. And finally, I met a technology with which can be used several times to increase the efficiency of virtually any employee or supervisor. As well as significantly reduce the time of preparation of a new specialist.

Copenhagen Harbour

The most visited, Midland Beach, is also known for the purity of its waters. Needless to say that the offer in services, shops and restaurants is super in any of them. Sydney, AustraliEn principle, flights to Sydney are not just short, but once There you’ll see that it has been worthwhile. The proximity and quality of its beaches will outweigh everything else. The metropolitan area is surrounded by national parks that contain bays and rivers. Nestled Southeast of the island, in the wide Bay of Jackson, Pacific Ocean washes over 50 beaches.

Famous some between surfers and others among those seeking relaxation, make one icon of the city, so important for its inhabitants as it is the building of the Opera. Visit the famous beaches of Bondi or Manly, examples of the culture and lifestyle of the city, or the wonderful Congee and Cronulla. Brighton, Kingdom UnidoEsta long and popular beach is regarded as one of the best in all the United Kingdom. Being located only an hour from the capital, the influx is massive, so much that it is known as London by the Sea, that is, London Costa. It is famous for its pier which houses an amusement park, an Aquarium of Victorian style, shopping malls, stalls, restaurants and bars, all wrapped in a typical coastal fun atmosphere.

Additionally, Brighton is known for its lively nightlife. But if you are looking for peace and Sun only, you can take refuge in his special area for Nudism, one of the few that you will find in a city by throughout the United Kingdom. Recently Cyrus zocdoc sought to clarify these questions. Copenhagen, Danish capital DinamarcLa, in principle, not evokes places of golden beaches and turquoise blue sea. Because you are wrong; Copenhagen has two beaches close to the City Centre (easily accessible with your local train or bicycle), of white sand and crystal clear water at 20 C during the summer. Amager Beach Park is the closest to the Centre and offers 5 km of coastline and a shallow lagoon, a perfect bathing area. If you want to swim without the hustle and bustle of the beaches, dive in Havnebad, Copenhagen Harbour. The water is clean and clear, and is a popular place to cool off. Another quiet place is Brondby Strand, surrounded by a park and in whose waters you can dive up to 200 mts without covering you water.