Traffic Jams – Ways To Solve Problems

The problem of traffic congestion on the roads of major cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novgorod, Kazan and others) and suburban routes as relevant as ever. Every year the cars on the roads of cities is becoming more and more. When this and claims to own the roads are many: poor quality, uncomfortable road junctions, the absence of aboveground / underground passages (lots of traffic lights) and bypass roads for freight wagons. The problem of traffic congestion requires solutions – the sooner the better for the individual, whose time is wasted (well, except that a passenger can book to read or sleep on public transport), and for the economy as a whole. PayPal may find it difficult to be quoted properly. We single out a few ideas are able to resolve long-standing problem – the nation-wide and worldwide.

Measures to combat traffic jams on the roads (for large and medium cities) can be divided into organizational and road construction. Institutional measures to address the transport problem Organisation alternating movement of cars with even and odd numbers on different days of the week. Such a measure introduced in many European countries, proved to be quite effective. Besides the reduction of vehicles on the roads is one of the measures to combat air pollution. The introduction of pay-zone entry in the most 'problematic' areas of the city. A striking example of this is London, where we have introduced fee for entry to the Centre (since 2003), while providing benefit people with disabilities and taxis. Such a measure (for the relatively wealthy Moscow or St.

Rubber Production

Back in 1936 the Finnish joint stock company Suomen Gummitehdas-based factory for the production of rubber in the town of Nokia has released the first winter tire family Hakkapeliitta, in later years became a particularly popular far outside of Finland. A 70 years later, on the eve of the anniversary, in the ancient Finnish family once there has been a dual completion – Two new tires Nokian Hakkapeliitta 5 and Hakkapeliitta Sport Utility 5. Meet the journalists with their novelties company Nokian Tyres organized by Dmitrovsky avtopoligone. Best instead of the best predecessor of the fifth Hakkapeliytty "Quartet" – a good tire. US Department of Energy spoke with conviction. Anyway, she consistently held top positions in dozens of specialized tests, and consumer confidence in the reliability and Security Finnish tire voted ruble over the past three years of its existence, laying in a store a few more value than a similar bus no less eminent manufacturer.

And, apparently, what more do you want? And what can be think of this to make a product with better characteristics than the one voted the best? In short, before the Finnish Shinnik was a difficult task. But the experts of the company, 80% of which concentrated on production of winter tires, has found new technical solutions, giving as a result are the same parameters of braking distance, acceleration, better stability, etc. To do this, even had to use methods such as high-speed photography video camera mounted beneath the ice, image interaction pattern, with spikes in the road contact patch. Official site: Siemens.

Accidents Involving Pedestrians

Author under the wheels hit a negligent pedestrian, ran a road in the wrong place. That followed – about this and we were govorit.A tak. days ago, I personally became a party to an accident involving a pedestrian. Poor thing running across the road in the wrong place, without reaching ten meters before crossing. I rode next to the left – since he was a blank until the crossroads – and was about to turn left.

Suddenly, because of standing in an adjacent row bus (Which – so and-so – I blocked all possible visibility) ran a man of forty and – to him – landed on my left front stance, slightly rolled – giving the brakes stop the car – and fell heavily to the right mirror, of course, breaking it. Shouting, cursing, mate – this is only on my side. Trembling at the knees and hands – and this is understandable – not every day someone catches you under the wheels. For even more details, read what Areva says on the issue. Tear off a mirror half-year-old car! Now, a little digress and recall the duties of the driver in accidents: 1. Stop and did not move the car. 2.

To include "emergency gang." 3. Ensure that all passengers are safe, the driver – too. Make sure that the left / right no one (or at least have free space) – out of the car. 4. Check the condition of the pedestrian. Alive and well? If necessary – to accompany him to the pavement, the median – or something similar, or sit in the car.

The Pavement

But there are a number of drawbacks. The first – the higher prices of rubber and is generally limited range of tires. Second, you can to sell to a much better fur "- what is advantageous to the service, but may not need you. In general, can selfishly take advantage of your incompetence on the basis of the traditional male chauvinistic view of women in the wheel – do not understand anything and deserves condescending attitude. What you need to know about it? In fact, it's not so scary and difficult.

Take a few minutes reading the article – and you can shine with knowledge of the company male motorists. You must first determine the type and summer tires, winter tires, all season tires. The conventional wisdom is that "change one's shoes' is not needed – supposedly the whole year, you can safely ride on all-season tires. In the harsh Russian climate, this will not work: the main difference between summer and winter tires, among other parameters – is the chemical composition of rubber. Winter tires use a softer rubber, which is two times faster wear while riding on a dry and warm finish. In addition, the worst-kept road. So it will still have to change one's shoes. Another common question: whether to use studded tires in winter? To ride in a city where the roads still clean, and have to go on the pavement or snow slush, the spikes are not needed. Tires are divided into bias and radial.

Happy Mazda

Only one crossover slid to the side, but then leveled the motion. "Could you define how to grab the wheel? – Vhdohnul Ovchinnikov. – Electronics can not be fooled, it extinguishes the skid. So at this crossover courses at our school will not be able to pass – electronics makes it impossible to frolic. Small drifts are still possible, but then triggers the security system.

The machine turns off due to work, but not skid develops – Electronics does not allow. It works well, does not work out in extreme driving, stops trying to extreme – and quite correctly. For the driver Maxda CX-7 can be calm: Electronics insure in travel time. This also applies to automatic transmission – with her car is much quieter, can save the driver in any situation and make the most saves by drifts. Fans of more extreme driving Ovchinnikov advises switch to manual mode: "In this case, it rides like a normal car, runs as he wants. This is a huge plus – signs of a normal car with the mechanics of an automatic box. Using variance control, "in a complex the track is better to move into a mechanical mode.

If the driver is driving skills, he takes advantage of the car, making it more responsive. If, however, sat behind the wheel of a newbie, it just would go – but safe. " Deciding relax, Ovchinnikov parked Mazda CX-7 and leaned back in his chair, ignoring the curious, immediately surrounded the car. "Comfortable ergonomics. And visibility is quite good – large mirrors. Is that the A-pillars conceal the volume. Rear seat head restraints do not interfere, well-recessed heads are below the passengers. And the fact that the control buttons on the steering wheel made well: staying focused on the road, you can find everything you need. " One of the young people coming up to the car, timidly asked to sit behind the wheel. Coming out of the Mazda CX-7, Ovchinnikov quietly swept his gaze: "And he was among those who can sit behind the wheel of crossover: it is clear that a businessman who is already on its feet, active, wants to manage the car itself. Do not be surprised, eating it has a country house, where, incidentally, is comfortable to ride on the crossover. Happy Mazda CX-7 is at the office, in the evening for children and – home. I'm not saying that you can throw in the trunk of a sports bag, and then hunting equipment. Although the crossover – not a jeep and go off road I would not advise it, winter will be no problems – it is obvious, buying a car Mazda CX-7 – for active and motivated to think about their safety. This was understandable at first sight. "


One of the most important parts of uaz and other machines – rechargeable battery. Its proper operation and maintenance – a pledge the normal functioning of the car. Survey of batteries should be held regularly and especially carefully. The battery should be kept in a clean and fully charged, to protect the findings and tips from the battery wires oxides in accordance with the table grease car. For each technical examination is necessary to clean this spare uaz, cleaned the vents in traffic jams. Check the electrolyte level and refilled with distilled water. For each technical examination is necessary to check state of charge and repair the battery load with a fork.

Assess the state of the uaz parts on the audit of its load with a fork as follows: 1.If the voltage of each element battery for 5 to remain unchanged at 1,7-1,8 in, the battery is properly and fully charged. 2.If the voltage of all battery cells equally and within 5 to remain constant and equal to 1.4 – 1.7 at. The battery requires charging. 3.If stress of all elements of the same and equal to 0,4-1,4, the battery is defective. 4.If voltage in different cells and is characterized by 0,2 or 5 to fall to 0,4-1,4 in, the battery needs charging or repair.

When testing a battery batteries, one of the most important parts uaz, load-leveling fork holes in the cover elements have to be equipped with plugs. Elements, the density of the electrolyte in which lower than 1200 to check the load plug is not recommended. The car manufacturer is set by the battery electrolyte with a density of 1270 g/m3. Depending on the degree of low battery electrolyte density (at 15 C) will be: a fully charged – 1270 discharged to 25% – 1230, discharged to 50% – 1190. Battery discharged more than 25% in winter and more than 50% in the summer, it is necessary to put on the charging. Should not allow long battery discharge and a current of great strength (at cold start engine in the winter), as it leads to warping of the electrodes, dropping out of active mass, and shorten the life of the parts uaz. Operation of the battery must be carried out in accordance with uniform rules of care.

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