Different Types

The loan is to transfer a specified sum of money for a certain period. The one who gives the money to the lender and the money receiver is against the borrower. The concepts of credit and loans are often used like a credit, however, is characterized by a shorter duration, while a loan is usually focused on a longer period. The loan is preceded by a credit agreement by the terms of the credit has been established. The conditions are the conditions under which the lender to the borrower the money for presents. Such terms include, for example the nominal interest rate, the duration of fixed-rate period, the repayment rate, the duration and the processing fees. Only if all the individual terms and conditions carefully compare with each other, one can calculate a meaningful result. To accurately compare a loan but you have to take into account the APR. Only in that all borrowing costs are included. There are a number of different affordable credit facilities, thebe divided mainly in the credits for residential and business customers. Fall under a credit for residential customers, for example the following loans: The loans have set a limit on the amount of credit by the amount on the average and periodic payments based (eg, as MRP, MRP credit known). For a purchase loan, the purpose of the intended purchase of a certain object. With a purchase of credit, a collateral assignment may be the object of purchase, which gives the lender an additional security. The amount of the loan depends on the item for sale. The payment usually made directly to the seller of the merchandise. A credit will be made only if an appropriate borrower’s credit is available. It will determine whether the borrower is in a position to repay the loan. In the creditworthiness of each borrower is individually tested and Schufaauskunft obtained, it takes into account the wide variety of criteria, which, however,even at different private and business customers. For the business customer’s credit include, for example, the investment loans that are characterized by the fact that they are used for the purpose of financing capital goods. For working capital loans are cash advances, which are used to finance current assets. By warranties and guarantees are guarantees by the lender. This way to the loan application