Bachelor Training

CHALLENGES current in the training and professional practice of the educational PSYCHOLOGIST psychology of education in Mexico during the first decades of the last century, general psychology is applied in the field of special education, while between 1920 and 1955 takes place the origin and development of the school psychology and educational guidance. In the early 1970s, educational psychologists are beginning to venture into the training of teachers, educational planning, curriculum and instructional design and evaluation. In the UNAM, before 1971 the psychology career is attending within the Faculty of philosophy and letters; It is then when experimental psychologists propose a new curriculum with a clear predominance of the paradigm behavioral and positivist and quantitative insight into the investigation. The curriculum stays when in 1973 is the Faculty of psychology and eventually introduced the creation of professional, including application areas, as innovation among other things, to the psychology of education. Degree in psychology curriculum designed in the 1960’s is based on the technical rationality, given that first taught basics Meanwhile which has more academic status and subsequently applied, following a logic which assumes knowledge of basic and applied research to then enables a relevant vocational training. We can affirm that in due course, the curriculum of the Bachelor of psychology of UNAM was paradigmatic for other public and private universities in the country and modeled many other proposals for formation of the psychologist.

Today we find that the degree in psychology is one of the greater demand at the national level. In the case of psychology education, this experienced a great growth in our country to the extent that ranks second in enrollment and number of graduates. In relation to the professional functions of the educational psychologists, which was more frequent was the evaluation, followed in descending order by planning, intervention, research and detection or diagnosis. In turn, the main business activities of the educational psychologist were located in teaching, planning and implementation of educational programs, vocational and educational guidance and the development of training materials.

Importance Of Dreams

In these dreams can be seen deep or symbolic reasons is happening in life dreamer. For example, if the dreamer meets a stranger, which feels a close kinship and long-time acquaintance, he may "order" and a dream see the history of a previous relationship. Alternatively, another similar dreams, when people with any significant problems or fears, can not be explained in terms of their life experience, can understand their reason for having gone through the situation in the dream, what is happening in a different era in the body of another person. For example, one girl in the process of working with experienced panic fear of water between psychotherapy sessions a dream in which she saw herself a peasant. Its drowned man, standing at roughly vystrogannoy boat.

In a dream client clearly understand what is happening to treat XVIII or XIX century. After she said she realized the root causes of what she interfered to build long-term relationships with men, who she and destroyed. And in no way due to fear of drowning in the water began to decrease gradually. Such analogies can be found in almost most of these dreams reincarnation. It is possible that for such work in the early stages of learning can help ponabitsya specialist or an experienced dreamer. Lucid dreaming. This is a special type of dream, in which a man becomes not a passive observer what is happening, and the director or a magician who can take over control of the plot. Many such dreams are dreamed of in childhood, but, growing up and losing the agreement with them, and people lose this ability.

Advisory Bank

As is apparent from the prospectus. are likely to have distribution costs been significantly higher than 15%. At a such high Commission, also non-bound Bank advisors and intermediaries have to enlighten this unasked, clearly indicate the conflict of interest to investors. Banks and savings banks must disclose independent commissions flowing to them within the framework of the consultation the Kickback case-law of the Bundesgerichtshof of the amount of sales. Also on the very high with the HCI shipping select 27 proportion of so-called soft costs, so those costs not directly flowing into the ship holdings, would need to be informed explicitly. Still we noticed often that camps of HCI shipping select 27 as a safe investment has been recommended. Was concealed, that it is an entrepreneurial participation, which is fraught with many risks (such as loss of revenue, currency risks) that can go up to a total loss of deposits of investors.

The participation in the Fund of a ship is neither safe, suitable as pensions. Each of these Breaches of duty constitute taken to claims for damages against the distribution of the funds, so the investment advisor or the Advisory Bank or savings bank. Investors get back their deposit. Have you participated in the Fund of HCI shipping select 27 and were not informed by your advisor about the Kickback payments and risks of participation, we likes to enforce your claims. Nittel Banking and capital market law firm contact Mathias Nittel, lawyer specializing in banking and capital market law, Michael Minderjahn, lawyer Heidelberg: Hans-Bockler-Strasse 2 A, 69115 Heidelberg phone: 06221 915770 Fax: 06221 9157729 Munich: residential street 25, 80333 Munich Tel.: 089 25549850 Fax: 089 25549855

Equipment Miners

It accepts the same difficulty of edificarte and the value of beginning corrigindote. The triumph of the true man arises from ashes of its error. Pablo Neruda the lamentable event that has confronted the miners in Chile, has been the world-wide news, where who have followed this fact, even more there of the Chilean border, worried about its life, its situation which has taken step a many written notes on the matter, reporting its situation, profits, the knowledge that are alive, waiting for its rescue, thanks to its union, decisions, integration of equipment and leadership that has helped to handle the situation him at their difficult moments, transcendental. In an interesting writing on this experience and than it is possible to be learned of it, contributes to us Bulletin of Universia-Knowledge in, that it can perceive the legacy in relation to notes of interesting leadership and integration. Andrew Cuomo may help you with your research. Thus one remembers when one communicated to the external thing from the interior of the Earth: " We are well, in the refuge, 33". These words written in a small piece of paper untied the euphoria in Chile and gave back the hope to the relatives of the 33 miners catched 17 days ago in mine San jOse the copper, in the heat of heart of the desert of Atacama. Through the images that they have sent to the rescue team in the outside, the miners, catched to 700 meters of depth in a small refuge of emergencia, have demonstrated to count on abilities of exceptional organization and leadership who have assured them the survival and will be crucial to coordinate their own rescue is added, that in the outside of the mine, when knowing the good news that the miners were alive, an equipment led by engineer Andres Sougarret – with the aid of experts in psychology, sociology, engineering, nutrition and the same NASA, since the isolation situation is resembled the one of the astronauts strave in finding the best alternative to hardly arrive at the gallery of 30 meters square. .


Somehow when we go to God, we have to give a high priority to our way of praying. Here are the four reasons more brief that I know. First; The sentence makes me wait. I cannot pray and work at the same time. I have to wait until you finish the sentence to act. Prayer forces me to leave the situation in God’s hands; It makes me wait. Second; The sentence clarifies my vision. South of Veracruz often manifests a phenomenon related to bad atmospheric conditions, because of its coastal location, until the Sun is responsible for undoing the mountain mist.

That’s what makes the prayer. When faced with a situation not this all cloudy? Prayer is responsible for undoing the mist. Your vision will become clear so you can see through the eyes of God. Third party; Prayer soothes my heart. I can’t worry and pray at the same time. I do one thing or the other. Prayer reassures me. Replace anxiety with a calm spirit.

Shock cannot be given with the! knees when we are kneeling!. Room; Prayer triggers my faith. After praying I am more inclined to trust in God. And how I’m from ronoso, negative and critical, when I pray not!. The sentence comes on the faith. Not fill simply the margins of the Bible with words and thoughts related to the ways in which a leader ora. Lets do it!. We do not stop simply in a sterile theology of prayer. Let us pray!. Prayer was the main step that gave Nehemiah in its March towards a more effective. You found rivers that you think insurmountable? Mountains in which you cannot open tunnels? God specializes in the things that you think impossible. He does what others can do. The Lord is the specialist we need in these insurmountable and impossible experiences. He delights in doing what we can do. But the hopes that we clamemos. It expected us to make the request.Many lidires Christians seeking your help quickly. The favourite position when they are in trouble is to pray in the position of knees. Whats ours?. Prayer is an indispensable part of our communion with God. Psalm 27; 7-8 Hey, Lord, my voice when I cry unto thee; compadecete of my and answer me. The heart tells me seeks his face and I, Lord, thy face I’m looking for!. Original author and source of the article.

Sales Director Germany

New high-tech LED lamps in the DELO portfolio Windach, 02 April 2013: DELO extended to two new LED curing lights the lamp family: the new, rectangular plane projectors DELOLUX 202 / 400 and the new spot light lamp DELOLUX 50 x 4. DELOLUX 202 / 400: is exposure route the new DELOLUX 202 / 400 dual LED curing light for even more rapid processes 20 / 400 and thus system proven in practical use on a based on the DELOLUX already successfully established in the market. The innovative optics DELOLUX 202 / 400 produces a very homogeneous exposure field, an essential prerequisite for a process-safe adhesive curing at intensities of more than 200 mW / cm. Customer orientation is a top priority in the development of our LED-curing lamps. With the new plane projectors DELOLUX 202 / 400 we reflect the diversity of our customer applications and can offer a heating panels with the double exposure range when compared to the existing DELOLUX 20 now especially for compact production lines”, so Christian Walther, Sales Director Germany at DELO. DELOLUX 202 / 400 is suitable with a width of the light-emitting surface of 48.1 mm especially for the bonding of smaller parts in linear production facilities. Ideal applications include, for example, bonds of mini speakers or small switches.

Due to their compact design, DELOLUX 202 / 400 very well in production systems can be integrated with limited space. Double the length of the light-emitting surface allows a reliable adhesive curing at high belt speeds. Of course the lamp heads both x – and y-direction can be strung together seamlessly, can produce a wide variety of Belichtungsgeometrien. The new DELOLUX 202 / 400 lamp head can of course fully with the existing DELOLUX 20 / 400 ballasts to be operated. DELOLUX 50 x 4: even larger spot diameters and higher intensities with 4 LEDs of the newly developed spot light Spotlight offers through its 4 LEDs in the lamp head at a minimal larger head diameter of 15 mm, a significantly increased exposure area, as well as a higher intensity compared to the existing lamp heads.

Company Photo

In photo gifts original believe that the simplest ideas are the best, also bet on good taste, elegance and originality in all our products; essential features to make your workplace, where you maybe spend more time than in their own homes, a nice site. In this article we give you some ideas to decorate your Christmas gifts company: it can be that your Office does not have too much natural light, we cannot open more Windows or makes the Sun between, but why not decorate the walls with our original photo canvases, choosing a photos full of light and color; even the photo of a fictional window can be a great detail that you will manage with these Christmas gifts. Do these tired of work looking face to a wall, white wall or bare panel who little inspire you? Choose your own paradise and print it on one of our photo canvases! You’ll feel the motivation that was missing you! You don’t have to resort to any lifeless object to separate spaces in your Office, put a bit of colour to the Office and choose one of Our folding screens custom with that picture that you dare not put in your living room, but it will smile every morning to all co-workers. We are full of good ideas for you, feel free to call us and send us your photos to make your workplace a special site. Rob Daley may help you with your research. The change will be spectacular!

One Need

Never, nothing good will happen if he spihnet it on the market, the appraiser What is "authority" or God. Even if everyone around to hear your price will be, figuratively speaking, to twist a finger at his temple. In the eyes or behind – it will be necessary and at any price (a lot of punch.) One definition of a lie – this is what everyone thinks. Good heavens, everything will be! All but one of this customer, but who you still need? The truth of you here need some courage and perseverance. Well, this is life, this is business and it's always personal, if we talking about any decent performance. Incidentally, this attitude I have met almost all very successful people in our culture. Especially in the billionaires, and they are all just gorgeous sellers! So assign a price, do not hesitate. It would be easy – and quickly lowered the price sold! All so they think.

Just as quickly fails. Real estate, the more business or investment project, not the sausage and slippers. Buyers real, not thousands or millions. This piece and a unique product, and the buyer is the same. But not all! But it is, this customer, it just should be carefully and accurately isolate and draw. Him and only him! You will certainly get it, and the the integrity and independence in their assessment, you will from the start – the faster and better will be for sale. This is exactly the game that's worth it. Andrew Cuomo understood the implications.

GIF Tool

Vista Visual Master is a tool that will be especially appealing to all fans and DeskMod TUNE. This is an application that allows us to completely customize Windows Vista, in a simple and intuitive. It allows us to quickly modify options that sometimes require entering commands in the Windows registry or other triquiñuelas to be altered. For example, with only activate one box can force the activation of Windows Aero, display a text with our version of Windows in the lower right corner of the screen, remove the arrows on shortcuts, separate processes Windows Explorer and Desktop, etc..

But Vista Visual Master does not stay there because it also allows us to change the login screen and the Windows Boot Screen simply selecting an image in JPG, BMP or GIF. In addition we can change almost every system of icons and icons associated with different types of files, and can even alter information about the manufacturer that appears in the System Properties window (presumably so we can take our friends when an HP we have a single clone).

To make matters worse, with Vista Visual Master can also install custom themes in Windows Vista and the Aero interface and modify our whim. In short, we are facing a great tool All-in-one combining in a single program benefits we offer different applications DeskMod. A kind of tool DeskMod final for Windows Vista.

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Federal Chancellor Information

Decision without pitch after intense discussion of the strategy especially the expertise of blue line in the area of information technology, as well as the strong focus of the dialogue was crucial. The foreground of cooperation are mainly measures for customer loyalty and new customer acquisition. The i.syde Informationstechnik GmbH from bellows in Lower Saxony chooses without pitch blue line marketing + communication from Offenbach as a new agency partner. The decision was made after an intensive strategy interview with the Managing Director. Especially the expertise of blue line in the area of information technology, as well as the strong focus of the dialogue was crucial. The foreground of cooperation are mainly measures for customer loyalty and new customer acquisition. For example, the new corporate brochure for promoting the sales. The i.syde Informationstechnik GmbH is specialized on the development of professional software solutions, especially for public institutions such as the Federal Chancellor’s Office, the Ministry or the Federal Network Agency.

A major focus is to provide high-performance database applications. For more information, the blue line marketing + communication gmbh, by Martin de bus founded in 1998, resided since October 1 in the city of Offenbach. As an owner-run advertising agency for dialog marketing you cared above all customers from the fields of software and IT, financial services, publishing houses, education and tourism. For more information, your contact: Martin de bus blue line marketing + communication gmbh, Kaiserstrasse 28 63065 Offenbach Tel.: 069 469 30 44 fax: 069 469 30 54 E-Mail: