Respect in life is essential to have harmonious relationships with others and live in a more ordered world, so also is paramount respect oneself why? Because it is part of our self-esteem and good habits allows us to take control of our lives. It is common to find people who earn the fame of irresponsible, arriving and undisciplined, the serious problem of this is that no one trusts these people and the consequence is that discrediting ends up impacting negatively on the lives of these people, so to achieve positive change is absolutely essential to be disciplined. The mind and life of persons are subject to different types of habits, then when a person says: I’ll get to 10 in the morning, today I wash the car, tomorrow I finish the report, then the mind associates that those facts will indeed occur, if not we respect our own word and we do not deliver, then we begin to lose control in all, and more later when we propose serious goals, our mind It will associate that it is a game because we’ve never been responsible for, then the mental path of non-compliance will begin to take power. In the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt shows us how a positive or negative idea takes power in our lives, in the case of irresponsibility, if we do not change radically then all the forces of the universe will act to keep the mental programming, through reading this book you will learn techniques for implanting new beliefs that allow you to overcome the paradigms that bind it in your subconscious mind to not achieve what you want and start a new life full of successes. It is important to get used to compliance, make that our word has weight, which means complying with the things that we have proposed, in that sense before taking any commitment is necessary to reflect whether we are willing to carry out that work, we feel comfortable, we will have the time to do it, etc.

New Works

Poor rights of copyright!. See how their sons multiplied and their incomes decreased. He has now played them not writers, but to the world of showbiz, but this time they are more prepared and with their lawyers and influences propose and favor laws that distort reality, and make it possible that certain scenesters charge for the work of others. These private groups that charge such taxes for allegedly distributing to the authors, say they have in their records more than three million works and works that are not in their records?. They say that to pay the rights of author, previously the author has declare his exploitation of his works in and the authors who do not declare their exploitation?. Questions whose answers are clear. The silly authors as a present, never charge a euro of these private groups, because it is not registered or is a partner.

If you review the objectives and actions of these private groups that expect to get income from the current Government and some say that this approach has been to avoid subsidies by the crisis of a business model that had only a few hours, we see that possibly the only copyright flag has been an excuse to hide the subsidies and switch to the Lords who made them patronage. Just need to read some of their goals: achieve the best results economic, promotional and assistance to its partners. Another company, the group says: design, directing, and controlling the process of transition from current towards a new model of management in line with the new challenges and opportunities the structure and operation. And another says: run programs having as their purpose the promotion and dissemination of the creation. And finally another group says: its main objective is to enrich and disseminate knowledge. Seen and unseen!. Now already was when I cobrare for this article, i.e. never.

What Is The Value Of Permission

Obtain and cultivate permission to your customers or prospects to receive information from your company, increases the value of your company. Several people have asked me how much worth a mailing list? to answer this question Let’s consider two scenarios: people have not accepted to belong to the list and the other scenario is that people who belong to that list have asked to belong to it. I.e., in scenario 1, we are talking about on stage and not ready permissive ready permissive 2. Lists not Permissive the first important point is that if you’re doing a sending of email or SMS or traditional mail to people who have not requested SPAM are doing. I.e., you’re violating the privacy of those people and you are wasting time. Contrary to what many people think the value of a list of this type it is not zero. It is less than zero. When sending emails without permission affects the value of the company that sent it. Additionally incurred costs that sooner or be reflectance on the value of who sends emails. Lists Permissive to calculate the value of a list mufti-family, there are several possible approaches. Suppose you have a list of 500 people who have requested to receive information about your company.

Do whomever to use two approaches: value by alternative: much is reaching 500 people interested in learning about your products or services?, if I wanted to reach you by direct mail you would cost around 5$ (a letter and shipping) for each. Or that we’re talking about $ 2,500 for each shipment. If you do it quarterly are $ 10,000 per year. Do value by purchase probational: how likely is that any of the people buy your product? Estimates speak of 10% response in ready permissive. For our example, let’s take the company estimated to sell to each customer $ 40 x month, i.e. a few annual $ 480 x person. Annual total: $ 480 x 500 people x 10% = $ 24,000 per year. I believe that none of these approaches is an absolute truth. Utilizes to have an approximate value and take an average to put it in your company’s assets. In the event we are does using, the average would be 34 u $D for each contact, i.e., that for every 500 people in its database the company is adding value by 17. $000U D. how much worth to your business? Is someone building the list mufti-family? Is someone evaluating? If your company is not building a list of contacts permissions is losing money; or worse still, is handing money to the competition. And create it sooner or later competition will take that money.

Miriam Autor

What people search on the Internet is how to do, where to go, when that is what people need about any topic, about anything from how to make a lined gift box, assembling a piece of furniture, make a nursery or educate a dog that is information. Then ideally sell information, and here comes the issue of how well the other secret is training: courses, seminars, membership and workshops. The offer is so wide and generous that we need to be careful when choosing now you will be asked how it is that people buy information! And Yes, you will find lot of free material, but that material is obviously not complete if you want all the information has to buy it, so is how it works and operates E-Books, Videos, courses, conferences, All seminars are part of the exchange of information if it persists in this way yourself can corroborate it.

There is something that we should understand from the outset, all are capable of reaching the same conclusions with regard to forms, strategies, shortcuts, we will take more or less time do it on our own, however, there are people who already tested, analyzed, and took all that information by putting it into practice successfully then it is already wise thing would be to take that information use and shorten road but back to the beginning, is not free, not totally go for part, what we are discussing is in principle we do a general picture, as objective as possible, what we need to deal with an Internet business, and with what we find along the way that have not at least not so many surprises specifically for each undertaking, on the Internet or outsidethe first thing we need is an idea that occurs to us how great, that can not failing then we have to carry out that idea of designing a plan, where all the strategies that allow to develop our idea successfully articulate. And once planned perfectly our entrepreneurship we get the structure and the necessary tools to realize our project of course, qualifies to entrepreneurship in general, and also to our project in Internet but that will develop in part III. Please leave your comment or suggestion, always welcome.