At the end of a working day, it is advisable to allow which activities in the course of the day were performed again pass in review. Often, it happens that in hindsight not so exactly can be associated, which works to which projects have lasted as long. Laboriously, lists the required times are guided by hand then to demonstrate supposedly correct hours the customer. Remedy the Xpert-timer 2007 now. The order time and project time tracking stops working times automatically in the background. Quick access can be comfortable between the different projects switched. The user interface is intuitive and very easy when compared to other products.

Positive right in the eye, that emphasis was placed on the essentials here. The end user is not flooded with a ton of features, so that the learning curve is encouragingly short. A special feature of the Xpert-timer is the timeline, which floats if necessary always visible on your desktop and the time always keep in mind will. Also the Reportingmodul is open and offers the possibility to print data, or to export to common formats. The network-enabled program supports database MS Access and MS SQL Server. Access to special features of the Xpert-timer is controlled by rights groups.

It unlimited number of users with Xpert-timer across a network, a common database can be used. No matter what business is working, the Xpert-timer shows exactly what the time during operation will be used. A somewhat stripped-down, free LIGHT version is available at for download. The full version can be tested 30 days fully and is also at the above Web address. Key: project time tracking activity history document management task list timeline reporting network capability author: Andreas Spang version: 1.5