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Studies marketing, years of commercial experience and hundreds of studies specifically facts to measure this circumstance are conclusive on one point: the customer who purchased once has twice the opportunities to make a second purchase in the same place relative to one who never made a purchase. do 90% of the shops do not work properly his client list as I can have more contact with my list of customers and buyers? A multimedia business autoresponder is as a seller and full-time secretariat with the big difference that has no cost of payroll and Works 7 days a week 24 hours a day wing. It is a tool that allows frequent contact with their clients, allows you to send them information, remind them that you exist and is there to help resolve their problems through something as personal and direct as email. It is a tool that allows you to automate your business. Tetimonio Recientesi only could invest in a tool to increase sales, automate processes, having frequent contact with my clients, I go on vacation do without worrying about my business would be in this fabulous, powerful and simple software Antonio according to a study, people are delayed on a website between 8 and 10 segundosQue can sell you in that short time? Nothing business autoresponder lets you capture the email of your visitors to establish frequent contact where you can invite him to return to your pages or Suppliesand establish a relationship extension period. Some advantages of the multimedia business autoresponder and unlimited 1. Increase their orders of new products using Video Email to sell and demonstrate the product in action 2. Win more customers.

Convert your prospects into customers and customers into sales automatically 3. After-sales service: track your customers after you make any purchase.