Fit for the upswing: with factoring companies in the manufacturing sector can finance growth and reduce the purchasing cost. The entrepreneur receives sales matching funding without the additional safety Munich, August 11, 2010 – the economy is rising in Germany and most companies in the manufacturing industry have a good order situation again. In the past few months, many medium-sized companies have used up their cash reserves and need new capital to finance growth. Lending entrepreneur must provide the often poorer balance sheets of 2009, which often leads to a gradation of the ratings”, reported Matthias Bommer, Managing Director of which in turn often leads Vantargis factoring GmbH. to higher credit conditions,” demand additional collateral or even the refusal of financing. Deteriorate the ratings of customers of the Bank, they must deposit more equity for the same volume of credit this is scarce but also with the banks. An interesting alternative is for example factoring”said Baloch.

While the entrepreneur sold his bills continuously to a factor and receives it immediately without additional collateral liquidity – and that”. With factoring, the purchasing costs In the manufacturing of goods and materials is often a large block of costs. The purchasing costs with factoring you can easily lower, because the entrepreneur is liquid through the sale of receivables. He can use the money in purchasing and promptly pay its bills. So accounts can be realized or negotiate special discounts. In addition to securing the liquidity factoring customers for the loss of receivables are protected and the factor assumes the Receivables Management. Also entrepreneurs thanks to factoring have a competitive advantage because they are liquid and can offer so their customers extended payment terms instead of discount”, explains Matthias Bommer. You save thus twice, purchasing and sales”. Factoring in manufacturing: A practical example In the case his corporate crisis to handle a mould maker with factoring.