Visualizing Success

People who read it will be able to feel your energy and passion. In turn, they are also imbued with energy – and want to buy! So, you visualize the success of your customer. Now let's think, what the client wants more? For example, a new-found mother wants to lose weight and this buys your book. How else can you help her? What more could she want? Perhaps it is – busy woman (in the end, she became a mother!), So you can sell her book with recipes quick and easy to prepare dishes. But let's assume that it came in the form completely.

What she wants now? Here are possible options. You can suggest a book on how to get rid of traces of post-partum (stretch marks). Or maybe a book on how to eat right to maintain a healthy weight and proper amount energy. Let's look at another example! In the market there is a new book "How to lose weight after giving birth." Among your clients for sure there are people who buy this product anyway, so why not buy it your affiliate link, make sure you get paid? Just before you begin to sell additional products to your customers, you would have to get into their heads. Put yourself in their shoes.

Feel situation, and then again to visualize their success. Now, when you start to write a review of the product you want to recommend, you already recalculate itself from the egocentric condition. Instead of thinking about how many dollars you get if through your affiliate link to make a purchase only 1% of your subscribers, you will think about how to solve the problems of your client. Believe me, it will be felt in your letter. If your customers know that your recommendation is sincere, they will believe you and make a purchase. If all of what you think it is, how much money you can earn something from your letter will be a kilometer strike selfishness. Maybe you make a few sales, but it is there will be people who desperately need this product or have pity for you. But if you regularly keep these 'desperate' mailing list, where you think only about yourself, your conversion rate will fall sharply. Your readership will decrease. Every time you send a letter to your readers, you'll make fewer sales because people will stop paying attention to you because they are tired of your newsletters. They will not trust you, because I think you'll trade anything just to earn a few dollars. But you can avoid it. All you need to do – is to put the wants and needs of your clients before their own … and then watch as the celebrate almost everything you want you …