The Team

She and I love "girly" things and this was the epitome of "feminine"! I was so excited about these things I decided there in the store had to send the package overnight so I could hear how much they loved the subject! As I took all my special "finds" throughout the store, got a birthday card and went to the counter. I was the only customer in the store at the time and I realized that there was only one employee behind the counter, making what appeared be "hard work." When he looked up, he said, "Oh, this thing does not like Barbie?" Well, it was pretty obvious. That was the end of the discussion. The conversation becomes what I call "parrot talk. Do you have a card "— brand?" That will be cash or credit card? Do you want the receipt with you or in your bag? Have a nice evening. It was a simple sale of $ 50 which had much more potential.

The average sale in a store card is between $ 8 and $ 14 so maybe that the sale was not so average. Maybe he thought I had bought everything I wanted. So what would make me return to that store? Why should I tell my best friend on the team? Where can I buy the same goods? When companies learn the simple technique to bring customers back? And how can improve communication skills simple. I call this the win-win "W" words! Simple words that create the open questions that Customer can not say "no" but also help build a conversation! Employees should try to build a conversation with a client in which each of the phrases you use to start with "w" word, who, what, where, when, why and no "w" word, how.