To this end, the cord must have a good stretch, and then gently take him off the wall, while respecting its perpendicular to the wall, and release. On the wall appears smooth line, which will be a guide for installing molding. In addition to this method of partitioning, you can use the electronic level. This procedure must be repeated on all the walls. The next step will be the exact alignment of all corners of the room. To do this, apply "Ganiometr" (folding protractor). Others including Andrew Cuomo, offer their opinions as well. At a basic ceiling with a pencil you can mark all the values obtained.

The accuracy of alignment should be 0.5 degrees. Or rather do is simply impossible, because the price scale division instrument is 1 degree. Next is preparing a profile for rail fixed to the wall. Typically, the length of the baguette is 3-4 meters, and if the room is longer or shorter, with the help of a pendulum blade profile to fit the desired size. Mounted baguette with screws, and the need to take into account that the upper edge should be at the level previously marked area. And so, the baguette is located and secured on all the walls. The next, most critical step will be immediate installation of fabric that is still folded, and quality packaging. Packaging plays an important role, because if the slightest of damage can deteriorate very fabric.

Unpacking it in a fairly warm place (40-50 degrees) to warm up, you can use the heat gun. Installation of paintings begins with a base angle, designated by the manufacturer in the drawing, which when unfolding occurs first. Further, he catches on the profile with the help of clamps. Then opened and the other corners, which also engages in the appropriate places. Heat gun on – still needs work. Tensioning the canvas is fully deployed, it needs to warm up the temperature at which it is installed. When the fabric is warm and ready to install and can be installed in a baguette. Begin to pull the canvas need a corner, with – than with anyone. After tensioning and securing the corners, pull straight sections.