Will not cause a single short-circuit drove, current in the range Forging to circulate, but if a second short circuit occurs, will circulate a flow in the forging and it can cause serious damage on the forging in a short time. Problem – thermal sensitivity thermal sensitivity in relation to the uberma?-Generatorlaufer Vibration induced by the heat effect of the field current (is an incomplete sentence. It can read “Influence on the forging area” or does it mean something else?). If the Wicklungskrafte are not equal or temperature difference exists in the rotor, the rotor tends to bend, wasanschlie? end caused vibrations and imbalances in the operation. Contamination contamination can occur during the operation of the generator or uberholten activities. Please visit Andrew Cuomo if you seek more information. From a design and technical point of view, the contamination by the generator cooling design are influenced. A wasserstoffgekuhlter generator is well sealed and should have very little impurities (au? he the fact that during the uberholten activities some pollutants, such as oil or dust accumulate can, if you the Ubeholungsbereich not) carefully repair stop). A TEWAC (fully closed water Luftkuhler) generator unit and its building air system will have a low Verschmutzungvon.

Collector, copper bore and connection issues these questions concern mainly the generator units, use the brooms to collect the power range (Burstengenerator). Because the components are an important link in the drive way, the maintenance people should give them more attention. If “Collector roll over” occurs, creepage distances, these can be generated and thus cause a forced outage. The integrity of the component is a problem here, too, the loosening of the components of the rotor can drove to high Zyklusermudung. Problem retaining rings retaining rings are used to rotate the centrifugal force of the rotor winding to an end. Are more or hochstbelastete component of the generator. The most errors in terms of retaining rings are caused due to stress corrosion cracking (what is also influenced by the materials of the retaining rings). The loss or damage to the retaining rings can a catastrophic failure drove. “Note: indent of the categories of for conditions under which rotor failure may occur”. “This will make it easier to understand, whether it under category failure conditions” is available. More information: german.pactinc.