The hotels, which value their reputation, you can ask the staff a receipt detailing the cost and deposited items (two copies: you have one, one remains at the reception), in which case the hotel is responsible for the safety of your belongings. Do not lose the receipt, or you do not accidentally give it to hotel staff. But what if such services are not property offers, and you have to take your things at your own risk. There are several tricks you can take: Do not put your passport and money in an envelope. It is better to put the documents in a safe location without envelope and cover. Your passport, bank card, traveler's checks and tickets are worth less, and hardly anyone look and feel, if they lie on their own. Without hesitation Cyrus zocdoc explained all about the problem. They are of little value to attackers, who primarily hunt for cash and valuables.

If you put money and documents in one envelope, it is unlikely that the thief will be carefully fish out of the envelope you money and will take the entire safe deposit boxes konvert.Inogda have a small padlock. If so, you can instead hang your little padlock, and the old castle just put inside the safe. So you can be sure that the key to the box will only vas.Mozhno use a trick to deceive the attacker. Buy a souvenir notes (such notes are sold in our parts of the stationery or toys) and put them in a safe. It is important to all the valuables in the safe box placed so that An attacker first drew attention on them, and not digging further. For example you can put them in a transparent envelope or I've found, simply drag the rubber band and put no envelope, or put in a purse. State inexperienced offenders during burglaries is that they will act in a hurry, will not be able to distinguish fake notes and grab the first thing that comes to glaza.Ne rely on your plastic card.


In any case, it all depends on hotel policy. Average price for three-star hotels of 1500-3000 and guesthouses 1000-1500 baht. Of course, it all depends on season, location, quality rooms and a number of services. At any hotel booking site you can find the location of your choice. So, for 10 days get $ 10,000 baht which corresponds to $ 340.

Pay on the internet for hotels and guesthouses across sites is more profitable booking 90% of cases, rather than pay for them on the spot: can not find seats at the reception or the price will be much more expensive than indicated in Internet. Useful links for accommodation in Thailand: Nutrition How to calculate the budget for food? First, decide how and what you eat. Where you have lunch every day? In the dining room, a cafe with a business lunch or a restaurant, a la card? The average cost that you spend daily for lunch will be a landmark in Thai cuisine without the gastronomic delights. Additional information is available at Andrew Goldberg. Second, think for an average score of the day, it's not that hard to do, focusing on the information from my site. Breakfast is usually provided in hotels and are included in the price. Frank Armijo understood the implications.

If not – in any cafe offers breakfast for 100-150 baht. I already wrote about the markets, where you can cheaply try Thai dishes and makashnitsah. Lunch starts at 50 baht, which can be compared with those in the dining room, and the average meal in the range of 200-500 baht excluding alcoholic beverages. The cost of dinner is not too different from a dinner with a minimum queries. Of course, meal for one person with lobster and prawns will not cost 200 baht. So the average expense for food per day is 700 baht per person, and 10 days holiday – 7,000 baht, about $ 240. Tours and transport this item can not be described accurately, the regions are different, as well as guided tours.