Federal Customs Service

And yet on full capacity the new commercial port in Ust-Luga, we have not any boat can take – fairways do not permit, the equipment is outdated, but you never know something like that. In addition, the troublesome matter – discharged from Russian berths: the stakes are high, service quality is poor, and transit to the nearest internal customs post at times simply impossible to draw. Here and carry our containers at ports of neighboring countries, and from there by road. Why not train? Because of the railway – is more expensive. Macy’s is often quoted as being for or against this. And again – the service is not one. As noted at the round table "Railways as a participant in the market of North-West Logistics Director Brewing Company Skatin Alexei, Russian company-producers will prefer rail transit only if the Railways will provide the full range of logistics services. While this did not happen – but it and reform of the Railways have not yet been completed. Hikmet Ersek often says this. You'll see, in 10-15 years That's pylyat cars on our roads (83% of turnover).

A road from us – you know. And whether customs checkpoints on the borders a little, whether they work as a slow – but congregate in front of them huge traffic jams. How can this be avoided? It's very simple – to restrict the importation of containers by road. In any case, such a solution strongly suggests Federal Customs Service. Railwaymen gleefully rubbing their hands, but that's enough if they had cars – the existing fleet of rapidly deteriorate.

Car Service

Printout report allows you to double-check the driver with an error of 3-5% and mileage, and fuel. Sometimes it is useful to put another driver on the car and look to what expenses he will come. After all, popular wisdom says – everything is known in comparison. Yeah, argue you, and once again be right, did those scientific minds who came up with these GPS-tracking, to conceive what our drivers And here, let's see. We sometimes are to blame for the fact that we durit driver. To broaden your perception, visit Keith Yamashita. First, install a system that will fully satisfy your needs (believe me, they abound today), and secondly – learn it themselves in such a way that would be if you woke during the night (God forbid), you immediately say where it can hide covered deception. About the payment of drivers was discussed in the forum more than once. I will say that there are 4 forms of payment: by kilometers, days spent in flight, just a fixed fee per month and percentage of the freight.

The percentage is a little – purely driver salary, or more – the driver pays for fuel, roads, etc. How will travel and will receive. The owner pays the same machine repairs, leasing and insurance. Salary depends on the economic situation and freight, as well as the technical condition of the car. The more you stand to repair – the less you get. Before and after-sales service repair of company vehicles was carried out either in service or locksmiths to repair their own areas. In the current situation more and more companies refuse to repair areas and services.

Now small and medium repair owners are increasingly impose on the drivers themselves. Only large or specific repairs still being done in the service. But the machines are cheaper so that it is sometimes easier to buy a different machine than the overhaul of service of old. I think that I have outlined all his five years of experience in the driver and the driver about the topic. I hope this helps you in building the bridge "You and the driver, for more efficient operation of your company in our tough time. If you will gather to learn something useful, so I have not tried in vain.

Loading Services

correctly. But when you have a huge desire to make money, then everything else can be solved. Loading services is one of those areas, they will not have much to invest, but that a desire to work and earn money. In this article I want to talk about the business of cargo transportation and what you need to open it. Starting from autumn 2007 to autumn 2008, I worked in this field in St. Petersburg and was in the middle of the action of these services. Previously, much of the market held Manager, who had a long list of teams. They took 10% of the order.

Usually publish their ads in newspapers and magazine "Construction". The system they have been very interesting, based on mutual aid. If the dispatcher there was a problem, he came to the aid of the other controller. Orders can be transmitted through two or three people. Firms in 2007 was rather small, and the Internet market, was almost free. In the early winter of 2007-2008, the number of firms are beginning rapidly increasing. I remember as one click in Yandex-direct the fall was worth pennies, and in late winter, up to several dollars. Now, at the request of moving to the top of the click is worth about $ 6. With the advent of the crisis The situation began to stabilize. Checking article sources yields Hamdi Ulukaya refugees as a relevant resource throughout. Who at that time was unable to organize high-quality work and has not earned loyal customers, now in a strong negative territory since the number of orders has fallen heavily.