ECI Fordergebietes

Aug 17
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Another $ 30 million in State subsidies are available for payment to fund closing the XVII KG on May 10, 2013 Stuttgart, 24.04.2013. After the drilling platform Spartan 151 “due to occurring in autumn and winter weather conditions in the ice-free port port Graham uberwinterte, before a few days back in the kitchen lights unit in the Cook Inlet, Alaska brought in order to take up their work for the upcoming Bohrsaison. Last night, around 2 o’clock Pacific time, the drill the third hole in the ECI regional aid and the round 2 weeks ahead of the original schedule began. Previously, the team of the U.S. partner of energy capital invest had successfully completed all necessary tests and examinations of the State of Alaska on the environmental legal requirements and the operation of the drilling platform together with the drilling platform operators. Then granted all necessary permits for the third hole. Thus, the US partner of energy capital invest is how agreed not only with the ECI fully in the plan. Also, he was with the State Alaska agreed and already by 2016 exploration plan approved so far completely fulfilled. Also the size of the reservoir of the third hole above the original assumptions should be like already in the two previous holes. This is done in close proximity to the first two successfully completed holes and thus in the same geological formation. At one of the essential components of the safety concept of the Alaska funds, the State subsidy of all drilling and infrastructure costs, everything is proceeding as planned. So payouts of the State of Alaska as refund for previously performed investment due in soon again: this time in the amount of $ 30 million. Total subsidies in the amount of approximately $ 100 million from the State would have been done already Alaska for the development of the ECI Fordergebietes. A participation is due to the previously very successful placement of the US oil and gas Fund XVII KG only up to May 10, 2013 possible. The Meanwhile established concept as short term offers a maximum profit share currently 41 percent with a maturity again until 30 June 2016. Konzeptionsgemass are the profits for the investors, taking into account the retention of progression tax-free.


Mar 9
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New head office in Vienna through the recently-related head office a modern glass building on the top floor of the MyPlace site in Saint town road 62, 1190 Vienna, offices not only welcoming the company receives, but also appropriate spaces for regular staff training and seminars. “Logistical and infrastructural brought together all management tasks in the new head office in Vienna indicated MyPlace self management” clearly its position as the industry leader in the German-speaking Europe and an important visible sign in terms of sets on the professionalization of the self service “in its markets. Self storage market has further growth potential in the German-speaking Europe in the latest report of FEDESSA (Federation of European self storage associations) on the occasion of the annual Conference of the self at the 12.9.12 in Budapest shows that the self services in German-speaking countries has established itself well and know the customers about the benefits of the product. In 2011, the European self storage market has approx. 1.697 Selfstorage locations and estimated 6 million m of lettable space. Currently, there is in Europe a SelfStorage site pro 300,000 EU residents or 0.01 m lettable self storage space per EU inhabitant. The German-speaking area m lettable self with its approximately 100 million inhabitants currently has 109 locations and approximately 0.4 million m. In Germany, Austria and the Switzerland come approximately 0.9 million on a self storage location, or 0.004 square metre on every citizen.

MyPlace self is the clear market leader”Zurich(2) founded in 1999 with currently 35 operational branches in Wien(8), Graz(1), Linz(1), Munchen(6), Berlin(7), Hamburg(5), Nurnberg(2), Wiesbaden(1), Frankfurt(1), Stuttgart (1),. MyPlace self storage-self storage means flexible rental of storage facilities for individuals and businesses, mostly in sizes ranging from 1 to 50 m, and go back to renting simple garage rows in the United States for the storage of goods of all kinds. MyPlace self is the market leader in the German-speaking world. In addition to the 23 branches in Germany, MyPlace operates ten more in Austria and two in the Switzerland. For more information, see Jorg Rothlingshofer factum press & public work

Breaking New Ground

Apr 1
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New ideas with the tinplate packaging is the first company of the tinplate packaging sector doses worlds Kolban succeeded in setting a new trend in tin cans. The company goes into a new product segment with a functional metal packaging, which can be used as a business-card-box or Vistenkartenetuie. As of August 2010, commercial customers in Germany the name can buy card box in the online shop of cans worlds Kolban. In addition, the company offers the individual printing with company logo or name in digital printing. The new business card dispenser VIVA fire & ice is there in the handy format of 92x67x27mm with the base colour silver Matt and 2 color variants of the locking plastic red and blue colored. Thus, the color combination fits perfectly to the colors of most customer logos in the Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The metal can store up to 75 business cards and is therefore the ideal companion on measuring! After two years of development, investments of some thousand euros, the breakthrough of the Development Department: a tin can, in your functionality and the design leaves nothing to be desired. Mathias Kolban, Managing Director of cans worlds, is thrilled by the result: “our goal is to continually improve our products for consumers, no compromises in design in your functionality and to engage in the handling.

We are proud that we achieved this after years of development. In the future we will continue to work on improving the metal containers.” Succeeded in the first step in the segment of business card box for 2010, and the company plans in addition the relaunch of metal cans with Christmas motifs for the winter season 2010 cans worlds Kolban is a subsidiary company of the trade representation Kolban headquartered in Braunschweig. The group in more than 10 countries export more than 50 formats of metal packaging.

Americas Energy Market

Mar 29
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United States soon regardless of petroleum exporting countries in a study of the Federal German intelligence service (BND) according to whose content after all were distributed via the Reuters news agency, should new oil and gas the United States soon regardless of other oil – and gas-producing countries make and one from the United States energy exporter. According to this study China was doing to the losers and Germany the winners. In detail, the still-confidential study it enters that found huge shale gas and oil finds the United States could have replaced by 2020 currently leading countries such as Russia and Saudi Arabia, so in any case, the assessment of the International Energy Agency (IEA). This was also a significant influence on the international power structure, with serious consequences for the economic and financial developments in regard to the situation between the United States and China. The background is also the development of the funding opportunities, for example through the so-called fracking.

This shale oil and gas obtained by horizontal directional drilling and using pressure, chemicals and water, preferred locations be in Texas or North Dakota. Politically, the impact can be described as follows: the independence of United States imports from countries of the Middle East whose interest would fall to engage here also militarily. This could be a chance for China to promote its growth more through the purchase of oil and gas from the Middle East. But then, China would have to assume the role of the United States to train and invest significantly in armor. Germany, however, evaluated the study as the winner because you could use in the future in the countries,”yet the United States supply. Attractive competition in terms of possible dependencies could this provide for stable prices, for consumers in this country a good sign. But regardless of such technological developments or the detection of new Sources is already high attractive for many years the oil and gas business. The sources of the Amtex results this oil & gas Inc., were financed by the capital of German investors. The experts are guarantee for attractive distributions of direct investments by Amtex oil & gas Inc. site and the economic participation of management, the right locations and qualified preliminary checks prior to an acquisition, For more information,