Client Questions

He remembers: their present clients can bring many future clients, for that reason it is equally important to communicate regularly with them. 6. Specialists in doing treatments! She learns to recognize the signs of an imminent sale; a potential client can indicate that he is ready to buy when begins to make questions on product or the purchase process. It has the precaution of not responding the questions with simple ” si” or ” no”. In his place, it responds a question with another question; ” How much it delays the delivery? ” ” It wants when it? ” 7. Other leaders such as Governor Cuomo offer similar insights. It asks surely for the sale. The client will notice his attitude; if you seem uncertain when asking, they can doubt about the purchase. Him of the client the opportunity to never say ” NO”.

In its place, makes questions of options: Him I can send this unit by $1.200 the day after tomorrow, or the weekend by $1.175. what prefers? To offer a specific scene of purchase offers to the potential client the opportunity to make an immediate decision on details that of another way could delay a sale. 8. It eliminates the disinterested buyers. Doubt does not fit – to attract potential clients has been time and must be a consistent task to constantly maintain its projects of sales in movement.

Nevertheless, it deals with not losing its valuable time and effort with ” indecisos” – people who do not have intention of to buy what you sell. The undecided ones seem to be interested in which you sell because usually they make many questions, but the sale process does not advance after the third pursuit, is moment for returning to evaluate the sale to that potential client. In other words, it knows when to say ” cuando”.


The representatives of the emergent countries right demand to be developed. The countries of the North condition cuts of their emissions to that the developing countries waver in their ascent towards modernity. To the Summit of Poznan, the States that have ratified the Protocol of Kioto have determined some terms to reduce of significant way the emissions. Also they have returned to leave important decisions for future summits. They gain time and they try to negotiate conditions to his favor. Hikmet Ersek shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Perhaps in order to change that order of the things in environmental matter, it is possible to raise from the civil society what development is understood by . The emergent countries talk about to the model of overproduction from technical improvements that Europe from its expansion 500 years ago extended. The lack of practical conclusions and action in environmental matter of these summits reflects the phase angle of the concept of development in a so interdependent world.

Mainly, it is a model that puts in danger the life of million species, including human. The social and cultural paradigm based on the consumption that has crystallized in all the planet depends on the more and more voluminous production of goods. At the present time, the operation of the natural resources maintains that model, that has brought about the climatic change. The tenacity of the scientific community has contributed to the sensitization in the matter of climatic change. Nevertheless, the effects of the gas production have eclipsed other forms less important of environmental and social degradation into the hands of the world-wide population in their fever of resources for not to be developed. The put in danger of species as the red tuna shows the lack of will of the States to regulate its fishing activity. The belief that the destruction of the environment is a necessary evil for the development will turn many animal and vegetal species into objects of museum for our children.

Secretary General

In order to avoid to go deep in this confrontation, the Unasur decided to occur of term until next April to negotiate the mechanism of election of the Secretary General, who at the moment is made unanimously. Definitively the Summit indicated aspects like: The Mercosur will not realise its potential plenary session while the products cannot freely circulate the position of president Lula of Brazil when it indicated: Queremos to be protagonists and nonmere spectators in the theaters in which the perspective of well-being and prosperity for our towns are decided, in the opening of the CALC, that reunites to 33 countries of the region. For more information see this site: Thredup. On the other hand, the president of Cuba, Raul I castrate, in its debut like governor in forums in the outside, it was thankful for the decision of and the Caribbean to condemn the embargo from the United States to its country and offered modest aid of the Caribbean island to regional integration. As the Carabobeo remembers the Newspaper, the Brazilian president, Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, indicated that the economies and democracies of the countries of the Mercosur are sufficiently strong to face the effects of the world-wide crisis. Our force to face the global recession is not only in the force of our economies, but also in the vigor of our democracies, said to Lula in the inaugural session, which they attend several special guests, among them the Cuban president, Raul I castrate. In its intervention, Lula defended necessity to increase the south-south commerce, insisted on which the countries of the area will not allow backward movements in the improvement of the conditions of life of the population and defended a participation major of the Mercosur in the design of a new international financial architecture. Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez affirmed that the participation of the Cuban governor Raul I castrate in the summit of Latin America and the Caribbean is a signal of the aim of the American hegemony in the region.

the presence of Cuba is a signal very hard that the United States no longer sends in Latin America, declared Chvez to journalists when arriving at the cost of Saupe, in the northeast of Brazil, where it participates in a series of presidential meetings. Conclusion Once again is celebrated a Summit with so many hopes, with the eagerness to solve conflicts that is own of a commitment of the attending countries, in spite of the conflicts that some have to each other in their relations, like Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and unfortunately they are not obtained the looked for objectives, which indicates that it is required of more commitment, will to take step to the necessary transformations so that the operativity of these Alliances provides replaced, solutions that favor to him in their actions for a continent that it requires of more integration. The time does not pardon, is necessary to know how to take the opportunities, to look for the openings where all are positive actors for favorable answers.