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Aug 26
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6. – The Venezuelan SMEs, generally, have not focused their attention on the management of services, because they are not totally conscious of the repercussions that this one has in the permanence of a company in the market. 7. – The SMEs, in their majority do not handle the satisfaction of external clients suitably and many less interns, do not know a clearly understanding of culture on watch, do not make decisions based on facts (through statistical techniques) and a cost the development of competitions in the personnel through the qualification is considered. 8. – The demotivation that is demonstrated at the moment concerning workers hits directly on the results of the effective management of processes and on the results in the search generally of fulfilling objectives oriented to the satisfaction of the needs of the clients. 9.

– Suitable Absence of the market function that reinforces the sale concept: The old woman paradigms and structures in the supply stay and demands and coverall in planning than trade centering it only in sales and not in the formal projection of strategies for the company and study of needs of real and potential clients is. 10. – Serious weaknesses in formation of competitions and management of the knowledge: Every day is demonstrated more than the high managers and owners of Venezuelan SMEs do not know the importance of managing competitions and lack formation in modern managemental topics that allow him to project the activities of the company towards new perspective of the global surroundings. 11. – Unconcern to foment new enterprising and participating managements since an investigation of markets is not promoted nor projects the activities of the companies based on a real strategic planning. Definitively there are many challenges and changes that they require to be considered by the general management and the one of markets, if it is really wanted to participate suitably in a scene like the national that he is turbulent, but that in addition, offers opportunities that they entail to take step to a new vision of the function of markets, to consider the new tendencies and to define the functions necessary to confront the situation. In the next article some suggestions will occur and they would appear other opinions on the matter. He will continue Sources; virtual classroom, chair Marketing research, programs of postgraduate of Management of the Quality and productivity, Phases, UC, 2009 Original author and source of the article.

Commercial Communications

Jun 29
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Express, cheap, comfortable and simple. The communications by via electronics have revolutionized clearly our form to understand the things. However, the Law of Services of the Society of the Information prohibits the shipment of these commercial communications without a previous consent; concerning one of the questions more raised by the companies at the time of analyzing this norm, on the definition and it reaches exact of the concept. In spite of the ambiguity that believes in many occasions, the LSSI prohibits specifically the shipment of advertising or promotional communications by equivalent electronic electronic mail or another specifically authorized mass media that had previously not been asked for or by the adressees of the same ; unless the company has obtained from allowed form the data of contact of the adressee and would use for the shipment of referring commercial communications to products or services of their own company that are similar to that they were hiring object. Of this form it would be possible solely to be sent commercial communications to your clients without his consent, whenever a previous relation exists and that the content of the same is focused to the services initially contracted. The Law has that commercial communication would be all form of communication directed to the promotion, direct or indirect, of the image or the goods or services of a company, organization or person that realises a commercial activity, industrial, artisan or professional . Of this form, we could say that all action that it has like object to promote, persuade or communicate would have the consideration of commercial communication, although is not a clear concept in all the occasions; as it can be with the shipment of these communications on the part of organizations without profit spirit, for invitations to acts or simply congratulations in indicated dates (in all the cases, sanctions on the part of the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data by the same reason exist, not to count on their previous consent).