PCNs Language

Oct 16
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One perceives that these judgments are made on the part of professors who costumam to use as referencial of education of second language the foreign country, making certain distanciamento enters the reality of the pupil and the culture of the country of the studied language. Many researchers affirm that if he cannot learn a language if the education of the culture will not be integrated (JARAMILLO apud UNDERBRUSH LOPES, 1996, p.41). However, she argues yourself that she has cases where people if communicate perfectly in this language without having cultural knowledge, then, ' ' she is possible if to become bilngue without if becoming bicultural while the opposite not verdade' ' (PAULTSON apud UNDERBRUSH LOPES, 1996, p.41). Lopes underbrush (1996, P. 39), also approaches questions as the supervaluation of the culture of English language on the part of the professors, and argues that it has ' ' a necessity to think the English education as foreign language about terms of the Brazilian reality, with the risk of if being leaving to involve for points that do not take care of to the interests of most of alunos' '. According to Lopes Underbrush, an instrumental boarding would recoup the discredit position disciplines which it he arrived, therefore the professors would have an only objective: to teach to read.

This also is the proposal made by the PCNs, alleging that the pupils can use this ability in its immediate social context (BRAZIL, 1998, p 20). However this boarding has distant past of the reality of the public schools, therefore the schools generally focam in exercises descontextualizados through the grammar/translation, provoking the lack of interaction and dinamicidade in the classroom. Another problem that can be observed in the schools, is the insistence of some professors for ' ' pronunciation perfeita' ' , being able to be called ' ' domain cultural' ' 3, and in accordance with Lopes Underbrush (1996, P.

The History Of Pacman

Aug 6
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Pacman is a Japanese game invented by the Namco company at the beginning of the ones in the 80. Produced initially for the Arcade console, the Pacman if became one of the games most popular of the world. The game gave very certain, because it is simple and it can be played by an adult or a child in preschool age. The logic of the game is really easy. The main personage is a round head, that opens and closes the mouth to eat some tablets spread for a screen-labyrinth. The problem is exists four ghosts the same circulating in space that you, if to reach they you, you go losing life until giving game to over. The Pacman was and is success in some countries of the world and it is not had as classic by chance.

With the proposal differentiated that brought at the time, it created a concept for the future games, calling the attention the market. Another characteristic is that it becomes it a classic is that same being old, to the played being it seems so interesting again how much the current games. Beyond the first version, others exist launched still in years 80. One of them is Ms. the CAP-Man of 1982.

Fellow creature to the first game alone that with some labyrinths and a female PacMan in the place of the original personage. Also in 1982 the first livened up drawing appeared of the Pacman for television. Created for the Hannah-Barbera, the series received the name here from ' ' Comilo' ' showed to a history with the Pacman and its family. In Brazil in some canals of opened TV, as SBT and Bandeirantes. Who likes this game very or has will to know it can use to advantage to play online. The PacMan, for example, is an easy version to find in the net, being the one that more is come close to the original. The SplatMan also is similar the original, however with the difference that in this game exists a funny sledge hammer, used to eliminate the evil ghosts that they insist on perseguiz it. Beyond these two, another inspired game that is very amused is the CAP Man 2005. A more current version of the classic, in this game you will have that to survive for diverse phases. The options of games of the Pacman online are many, most legal are that not necessary you to make download. It is alone to prepare the fingers and to start to play.