Archaeologist Dr Niede Guidon

Currently it possesss a center commercial employee of great it influences in the region for being centered well and to offer diverse inexistent services in the too much cities, attracts many people who look the financial center to buy, to vender and to negotiate the most varied commercial and bureaucratic subjects. To arrive at this result in the decade of 70 the city later gains plus a sector of scientific development and the archaeological cultural tourism, initiated in the region the archaeological research, to the cares of the Archaeologist Dr Niede Guidon who came with the intention in knowing paintings rupestres where she was informed. In the community few knew to inform on the subject, for being distant in closed bushes and high mountain ranges, few were the ones that had access knew and recognized paintings as human registers gave credit that everything that was of the proper nature, and in some cases thing of ' ' caboclo velho' '. The burrows were used by maniobeiros hunters and who they used as shelter and they finish for intervening improperly with the registers there present. Throughout the years the research had been increased and the necessity to expand, to become a pertaining common wealth the nation was necessary. In 1979 Mountain range of the Capivara was created the National Park what it would determine its preservation, conservation and safeguards. The development of the city was expanded together with the necessity of preservation of the Cultural Patrimony. The National Park Mountain range of the Capivara and cultural the archaeological tourism the National Park Mountain range of the Capivara since its creation in 1979 faces maintenance crises and safeguards a time that its auto-support does not become it sufficient, due to the difficult access to the tourist, the only accesses the 340 are for the airport of Petrolina Pernambucana city with regular flights distant km, or for the capital of the 530 State km saw bus, the international airport of Is Raymond Nonato more than 10 years is in conclusion phase.