An example is a query such as 'plastic box' (also works well 'PVC windows') are sold, resulting in the target audience. Others demands of the subject work is much worse. Accordingly, competition and price promotion on the request of one of the highest. Promotion of hf has some risks, one of which – experts competitors that do their utmost to knock you out of the top ten. Also should understand that such requests are usually vague. The frequency of the rf query result to a site different groups of visitors who have interests slightly overlap.

With search engine optimization (SEO) you pay for positions in the TOP10, and not for clicks. When the frequency of a few hundred or thousand a month, your potential customers may be a small percentage of this quantity. And even when hit in the first place in the TOP10 site traffic may be low because of the snippet (a short description of the page). If the snippet is not very clear and crisp, then at higher positions on the site may go well and disinterested visitors. Of course, much depends on the quality of the site, because regardless of interest, visitors will leave with a bad resource. Chobani Refugees has firm opinions on the matter. Therefore, if you plan to promote the site on high-frequency and highly competitive demands, you simply need to invest sufficient funds to improve its design and functionality.

We would like to note that in most cases, actual results may be obtained only after the actual attempt. This has its risks, but it may well be that the promotion, which cost you dearly enough, bring a sufficient number of customers and orders, profits from which will be compensated by costs. Some conditions for the search engines for promotion to high-demand: the site must be well optimized: HTML-code (including meta tags), server configuration, content (and, it must be unique in the sufficient number – the sites consisting of even a couple of dozen pages in the TOP10 in compound words navryatli come out), structure, etc. very high quality part of referential weight: page-donors with good parameters, natural rate of increase in the number of links and so on. Always necessary to monitor the maintenance of a positive account balance, if you use any referential exchange. Mass extinction and the emergence of references to Your resource will lead to a significant loss of positions. optimal age of a domain – no less than six months (and in some cases, about two years). You must understand that search engine optimization – a dynamic process, which requires samples and experiments. Of course, the win-win situation that will lead to a site other than the quality of the audience for relatively little money – the promotion of the mf and hf requirements. rf and highly competitive requests – it is difficult, expensive, time-consuming (the output of the top can take up to six months) and not always reliable.