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Jan 19
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Therefore, the vast majority of average performance began to work in full gear, with full dedication. In an effort to get maximum scores. However, shortly after the start experiment, there was an extraordinary situation. In my sub-groups of 15 people "two" are rare exceptions. Details can be found by clicking Hikmet Ersek or emailing the administrator. While in the control subgroups often exceeded the number in half. "Threes" I had two or three, and the rest – "4" and "5". In my sub was a much greater interest in the subject. Students even at recess did not want to leave the audience and constantly asking me questions.

They, on their own initiative brought the problem of journals to solve them in the classroom. Please visit Rob Daley if you seek more information. In addition, students from sub-parallel to the breaks would often come to me in the audience and some have expressed regret that did not get in my subgroup. On the lessons I have reigned elated, joyful mood. Since I had no need to spoil their nerves, exposing a lot of anger in twos to at least a way to get students to do a better job. By its alteration. Of course, all these facts are not passed attention of other teachers of Engineering Graphics.

Especially that one of them was the head teacher college. In the end, he called me and demanded an answer to, if I remember correctly, three questions in my 1.Pochemu subgroups such implausibly high performance? Compared to other subgroups. I work for 2.Pochemu the same quality of different estimates put? 3.Pochemu for his work with the traditional low in terms of quality I put such a high assessment? The case is a long time. And I do not remember trying to explain to him I his approach or not? Maybe not. Because to understand it all the way now, I started much later. And then came mostly intuitive way. Following his feelings, their notions of justice. I only remember that the head teacher suggested to the comparative control in my and others' sub-groups to prove that the level of my students is higher than in other subgroups. Alas! My suggestion, he refused. Restricting ourselves to only open a lesson in which my students did not disappoint me. After that he left me to the end of the academic year alone. Especially that end, this was just around the corner. K Sorry. Before the beginning of next school year I resigned from the college. And one of the reasons for dismissal was the belief that I will not work on the new system. What will I need to, or refuse it, or to introduce it throughout the College and, in general, throughout the Soviet Union. What if society was not ready yet. Work well under the old system, angry, force children to learn with the help of "twos" I was disgusted. 5 I am firmly convinced that "society necessarily and inevitably will come "not to conclude that PROzRT is the most just and humane, and come to understand that it is the imperfection of this principle has led to the death of Soviet socialism. When he reached quite high level of development. And that exit from the present gloomy state only, and only one – the transition to a new principle of distribution according to work.

Natural Resources

Feb 8
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In the second order "On Approval of the establishment of lists of pollutants subject to state registration and rationing 'the transition to rationing limited list of pollutants, depending on their weight and degree of impact on the environment. Third order 'On approval of the state registration of legal persons, having sources of emissions of harmful pollutants into the air 'for the first time realizes the state authority in this area and aims to provide authorities with reliable information for the management of air protection. In addition, Last week the Ministry of Natural Resources has developed an amendment to the federal law "On specially protected natural areas' in terms of efficient use of recreational resources and development of ecological tourism. As noted by the Ministry of Natural Resources, prepared by the Ministry of amendments aimed at increasing the attendance of protected areas without harming the environment, organizing exciting tour itineraries in the territory Russia. Thus, objects of natural heritage should become more accessible to citizens. It should be noted that in 2009 the Ministry of Russia has worked to create new and expand existing protected Natural Areas (PNAs), as well as all activities were completed on the transfer of protected areas under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Russia, qualitatively improved staffing, approved regulations on nature reserves, land surveying work performed in seven national parks and 30 reserves. 'ER' for animals and trees very soon in Moscow at each administrative district will be set up emergency service veterinary care. 'ER' for the animals appear in all regions of the Russian capital in 2011.

Which Is Better A Blog Or A Website

Oct 28
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The blog is another of the protagonists of the marketing 2.0, we know that google and other search engines love much the blog by the frequent updating of content and of course the possibility of creating conversations with your readers with your community. So what do we do with the traditional Web sites? Those who have a website we should transform it into a blog? And the people who are creating an online space, should create a site or a blog? Nothing to maintain them, blog is complementary to the Web site, is not sustitutito, the Web site is our commercial site, it is our money page, it is where we have our sales letters, it is where we have our memberships, contests, as well as the content and our articles, but mainly our Web site is our page commercial, from where we sell and where to advertise. The blog is complementary because it is a tool that is used to establish communication in double meaning with our prospects, then the strategy of the blog post, it is Unlike the publication of content from a Web site traditional, because we publish on our website contents of some length between 500 and 900 words, and in our blog on the contrary we can go exchanging between long and short content but they are usually short content and greater quantity of articles, basically for an entrepreneur a blog is personal, in order to communicate with their customers or subscriberswhich makes the analysis of the market, the industry, which publishes interesting things about your products. but the blog is not to promote, to promote and sell this website, blog is traditionally used to warm up the atmosphere and go so working with our supporters and exchange information of pre launch of a product, but not to directly promote. Then the best thing is to have both, a website to promote and sell, and a blog for communication and publication of our pagerank products pre designing 3d original author and source of the article