Secure Internet Transactions

There is no doubt that 3D Secure and Verified by Visa is techniques that are successful in the combat of the fraud and are without a doubt options that the retailers must study with their Supplier of Processings of Payment by Internet. It has been verified that this additional protection reduces the fraudulent transactions and in line increases the confidence of the consumer when paying with credit cards, but is many factors that to consider at the time of deciding to incorporate 3D Secure to a Web site. Carl Buchalet, Chief of a main directorate of the footbridge of Cashtronics payments explains that in Cashtronics he treats individually to each retailer before deciding if to include 3D in his Web site. In our experience in Cashtronics, the advantages for the retailers to add this additional measurement of security are clear: It reduces the risk of transactions fraudulent. The number of conflicts in the transactions falls. It moves away the financial responsibility of the retailer. It reinforces the confidence of the client, which often supposes an increase of the sales. In spite of the clear benefits in the fight against the fraud, these must well be valued against the possible problems and loss of benefits related to the use of 3D Secure: Additional obstacles to the purchase: It has been verified that each field of security that is added to a form in line reduces the percentage of successfully realised transactions drastically.

Bad communication: Many clients do not know what is 3D Secure and, consequently, close the window of the navigator, with the consequent loss of sales. Problems of security: Some banks demand that the client maintains a card with a series of secret codes. This one is frequently the same used card to authorize banking transferences to the banking account, reason why the holder exposes itself to the fraud.