Russian Federation

A new turn with the appearance of numerous variants of polluting metal stoves came in the post- period. The weakening of sanitary control uncontrolled deforestation have become the basis of artisanal charcoal in the iron 'drums' with adjacent fires of various modifications. In the absence of control the matter has become an attractive and set them to take entrepreneurs. Low-quality coal is produced with very low yield, but in demand. In the 21 th century a new stage of coal production.

Created a number of large enterprises for the production of crystalline silicon. Hikmet Ersek will undoubtedly add to your understanding. They needed every several orders of magnitude more carbon than they produce makeshift setup. Their demands on the quality of coal is high. Producers Bank often says this. Their needs can be met only through well-organized enough large and clean production. This type production already started in some regions of Russia and continue to build new Charcoal production, production equipment: Charcoal – a microporous, high-carbon products formed by pyrolysis of wood without oxygen in special furnaces. furnace can produce high-quality wood coal.

Stoves are certified in accordance with the standards of the Russian Federation, meet regulatory requirements and are environmentally safe for the environment. Raw material for production of wood birch charcoal, Grade A: The best material for cooking kebabs is birch wood, which has a fast heat and high heat. We only sell high-quality coal produced from ecological-friendly raw materials of birch wood. The yield of charcoal depends on the degree of calcination of coal with carbon content of non-volatile 80% can be obtained up to 35% by weight of absolutely dry wood, and the contents of the nonvolatile Carbon 90% less than 25% by weight.

Manufacture Of Molds For Casting Plastic

Manufacture of molds – one of the key moments when casting plastmass.Professionalu this is obvious, but customers of polymer products do not always possess the knowledge necessary to evaluate the quality of manufacture of molds and understand its importance. Meanwhile, it is mold determines the appearance of the product and its performance. Manufacture of molds is one of the initial stages of work on plastic products. We draw a simple analogy: in order to bake a cake of some form, we use a special dish from the drawings, ribbed edges, and other delights. With the weight of the polymer is the same – solidify in a special capacity, it acquires the desired appearance. CEO of Tulip Ali Asaria will not settle for partial explanations.

But for this, and to manufacture molds – it is there and is molding plastic products. Despite its apparent simplicity, making mold requires detailed mathematical calculations and accuracy. Firstly, it is dictated by the need to observe the relation between the degree of heating the material, the volume of products, especially those used polymer, the appointment of the future product. In other words, the manufacture of molds should ensure optimal filling of the cavity and hardening the polymer. Secondly, the smallest defects in the manufacture of molds, immediately affect the appearance of the product, because the molten plastic repeats all the twists and bumps, are available in the mold.

Only a carefully designed, polished and tested mold can provide high quality products. Model molding is performed based on a sketch the product and its expected performance. Typically used three-dimensional modeling, a detailed mathematical calculation, and only then begins production of composite parts. But even the best producer would not say that mold is ready for use immediately after it was made. Before a trial is necessary to casting plastics. If the product proves to be defective, the mold will go to completion. The last stage of testing is the serial test, which verified the absence of defects have a whole lot of products.


All bearings, independent of their type, should always be checked for each diagnosis (testing backlash, listening to foreign metallic noise). It may be noted that the replacement wheel bearing is a routine work, but it must be remembered, and the recommendations of the manufacturers. If you have any accompanying noise when driving or riding (difficulty of the wheels) – the first sign of "disease" bearings. But as soon as it happens depends on the quality of bearings in the first place on your luck. Plays an important role and coverage of roads (as far as bearings for cars) – is not always possible to go on perfectly smooth surface, hence the wear bearings. You ask the question: "How many bearings can withstand?". The answer – a lot and very little.

Year, and maybe even a season of active driving on the road will lead to bearing wear (whatever they are good build nebyli). From three to five years will serve bearings for the "walk and not training." Bearings can simply "kill" skating on the wet asphalt in the rain or after it. There have been cases that on the morning of the wheel roller is very difficult to turn and even a very strong your friend is not able to cope with it. In most cases you should not really worry about and experience – all fixable. I also want to note that the negative effect on the bearings have a large (Unintended) load – kicks, jumps. On personal experience I can say that timely maintenance, inspection in the diagnosis, moderate off-road riding – one hundred percent will increase the life of your bearings. Now there are many bearing producers, both domestic production and foreign. Impossible to give specific recommendations as to specific design is necessary to select certain bearings.