Happy New Year Friends

Jan 2
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It erases of the past everything what the penalty was not valid It forgets magoou who you, who lay pra you, who was not sincere, it envied who you or to destroy it tried you It forgets the hurts, forgets who did not know you as you are really One remembers the true friends, who had given love, affection, words and advice to you That they had extended the hand and they had opened the heart Friends who of a skill or another one had helped you to be a little better Friends who had helped you to grow in the wisdom and the feelings Friends, who had really been truth friends Happy New Year for all vocs my friends and readers. EWALD KOCH..

Happy Christmas

Dec 22
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The children count the days, after all are December are arriving the Christmas, the gifts. Ah! Christmas, time to give and to receive gifts, time to receive visits from those that we love. Ah! Christmas a time where the children dream of velhinho of white beard, Noel papa. This exactly Noel papa, that one velhinho that he comes in our house for the chimney, to leave that gift so desired and dreamed.

If it exists or not, I do not know to say, I only can say that it exists inside of the coraeszinhos of the children, and this is what it matters, that is pretty. Ah! Christmas, time to love, to offer, to sing and to give louvor to our God, after all we commemorate the birth of our brother and rescuer Jesus Christ. It does not import the color, race and belief, the important one is the natalino love between all, singing louvores the Mr. Ah! Christmas, a Christmas with love, without wars, destruction, revolts and many other bad things that they ruin this so pretty date. We do not want this, what we want is peace, love and union enters the peoples of the entire world. Ah! Christmas, we go to reflect the meaning of this simple word, that signfica everything. It loves, it sings, it praises and alive the Christmas Gives gifts, does not import the value, but yes the natalino feeling, the intention. It thinks and it reflects How many they would not give everything to be in its place, to be able to give and to receive gift and with a tear in the eyes to say to all a Happy Christmas. EWALD KOCH.