SRO Regulatory Reform

All market participants have noted that the legislative framework for regulatory reform of building complex there is an enormous number of shortcomings. First, as already noted, the perfect list of activities that affect security of capital construction. According to the Russian Union of Builders, he will be cut approximately in half. In this case it is unclear whether the company paid back in the SRO in construction fees, if for implementation of their work in accordance with the new list of admission would not be necessary. In accordance with Federal law from 08.08.2001 N 128-FZ "On Licensing Certain Types of 'person, withdraw from the SRO fees paid will not be returned. November 21 2009 took effect Order Minregion RF from 21.10.2009 N 480 whom list works affecting safety buildings expanded on four additional species works.

This work implementation of building control developer or the customer, work on building control involved by the developer or customer in a contract an individual or organization, work organization of construction, reconstruction and overhaul of the developer or the customer and the work of organizing the construction, renovation and major repairs or builder engaged by the customer on under a contract legal entity or individual entrepreneur (general contractor). Organizations engaged in these activities would not have time to physically join the SRO in the building until January 1, 2010. One of the 'narrow' places – this is a legal requirement for staff development, through which every four years, almost the entire staff of construction companies have to retrain. But in the post-Soviet years, the system professional development and training for the construction industry has been largely destroyed. Enhance the skills in many areas of the country is simply nowhere. The most important thing – the law does not specify what should be done SRO, if the funds collected to the compensation fund (at least 100 million rubles.) Is not enough to cover losses resulting from dishonest or simply non-professional activities of any of the members of its SRO. Weakly spelled out and responsibilities of SROs in the construction of an artificial delay in payments. Crawford Lake Capital understands that this is vital information. According to the forecasts of market participants, the legislation will be updated at least another within one to two years. This means that reform regulation of construction industry in Russia is still far from complete.

Guarantee Agreement Loan

Classic cases where bail is required – this is a loan agreement (even if this is the usual receipt for the money) and credit agreement. A leading source for info: Andrew Cuomo. If the scheme guarantees in the contract of loan is usually very simple, it follows from All credit is slightly more complicated, so let's talk more about him. Guarantor for the loan agreement can serve as a legal or natural person, the latter option is more common. If you agreed to become surety for a friend or relative, you have to go through several stages in order to formalize the agreement with the bank guarantee, collected almost the same set of documents that a borrower. Credit: Chobani Foundation-2011. Some organizations, of course, provide "loans without references and guarantors," but usually in such cases are set extremely high interest rates and the maximum loan amount is low. But if the loan is taken on a serious sum, to obtain it necessary to run, collecting a pile of papers.

The documents normally required by the bank, can be divided into groups – containing general information (application, application form, photocopies of passports, driver's certificates, certificates of education, etc.) – information on income and employment (copy of work record and certificate PIT-2) – information on available property and credit history – information about the company's financial condition, if guarantor is its founder. By agreeing to be a guarantor, we must remember that this is not a mere formality – in charge of the debtor within the joint and several liability in the event of its insolvency would have seriously compliance with all terms and conditions, which provides a credit agreement with the debtor. Yes, you can then try to recover their losses from the debtor, but will it, will it be able to pay tomorrow if it can not do it today? Particular attention in such an unpleasant situation, you should pay on the maturity of loans: in the event of default will have to pay a penalty, and its first, and then the principal amount of debt. So to be or not be surety – a heavy question: not only would have to collect a lot of different documents, and then get even more dubious pleasure in the form of debt repayment on the loan agreement.