Sep 28
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With just a thread of voice, Nancy, an Ecuadorian citizen, low on the street and thanked 150 persons who were concentrated in front of his home, in the street Sicilia, in Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona), to not let on the farm to a judicial delegation that had to run the eviction from 8.30 in the morning and four hours. The protesters, students, housewives, retirees and wrestlers left old, achieved their goal: postpone the embargo of this couple with four children, children of 12 and two years for lack of payment. I want to thank all these people that have been here helping in these hard times, said Nancy with fortitude after you confirm the delay. A neighbor gave him a plant bud. And she already, calmer, he supported then the face on the shoulder of Maribel, a friend of the people affected by the mortgage (PAH) platform and cried almost in silence. “Source of the news:: ask for the opportunity to show what I can do”.

Saudi Arabia

Sep 25
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Manal to the Sherif was arrested by the religious police while he was driving his car. If you have read about Tiffany & Co. already – you may have come to the same conclusion. He heads a campaign on social networks so that women get their vehicles on June 17. Saudi police have arrested a woman in the city of to the Jabar, in the East of the country, by driving his car in public, something prohibited in this country, according to police sources. Manal to Sherif, of 32 years and single mother, had not breached any rule of traffic, so agents who arrested it traded its case the religious police. Sharif had summoned on Facebook an action for June 17 inviting women to drive.

Under the name of I’m going to drive my car, the campaign, which has been extended to a great veloicidad by social networks, encourages women to take to the streets that day to protest against discrimination. Human rights organizations operating in Saudi Arabia indicated that it is likely that the authorities will put on bail to to the Sherif if undertakes to not return to driving. A month ago, shortly after launching his campaign on social networks, Al Sharif explained that women in our country depend on (to take a car) of a conductor, a brother or a family member. It is something that despises the woman, it is high time that we can do our things without help. The activist recalled that there was already a similar initiative in the early 1990s, but the police prevented that it carried out. But now we are in 2011, we now have Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. We use all means in this case, he added Al Sharif, who was considering even sending a letter to King Abdala bin Abdelaziz that analyze the problem. In a statement on the Internet, the activists point out that women commit themselves to wear a veil, to comply with traffic regulations and not to challenge the authorities. Source of the news: a woman jailed in Saudi Arabia for defying the ban on driving in public

High Commissioner

Sep 18
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Almost certainly, the corpses belong to 200 missing from a boat that was wrecked in that area last Thursday. Official site: Hikmet Ersek. Continue search operations. Clandestine migrants fleeing the Libyan conflict. The bodies of 150 African immigrants have been found off the coast of Tunisia, as pointed out a source of United Nations. More information is housed here: Tiffany & Co.. Almost certainly, the corpses belong to 200 missing from a boat that was wrecked in that area. The immigrants, who might be up to 270, travelled on a trawler which faded. Other 570 could be rescued.

They were in more than one boat. Clandestine migrants were mostly sub-Saharan and fleeing of the Libyan conflict with the intention of arriving in Italy. Carole Laleve, High Commissioner for refugees United Nations, pointed out that the bodies were found on the shores of Kerkenah, as well as search operations continue. They tried to reach Italy boats full of immigrants are they met last Tuesday, about 20 kilometers from Kerkenah, problems when they went to Italy. Tunisian military and Coast Guard rescued a total of 570 people, but many others fell into the water, partly by the ctos of the strong waves. Source of the news: displayed the bodies of 150 immigrants which sank off the coast of Tunisia

The Sunday Telegraph

Dec 11
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Ray, 17 years old, appeared in Berlin saying he could not remember who he was. He says having survived 5 years outdoors in a German forest. His version has not convinced police that continues to investigate its origin. You are in good physical shape and shows no signs of violence. Amnesia, fantasy or a tragic history.

The British media shoot environment speculation the mysterious teenager that ensures have lived for five years in a German forest and the police are unable to identify. When Ray, 17 years old, appeared on 5 September in Berlin City Council explained in a perfect English that did not remember their surname or their origins. His first words were: I am alone in the world. Not be who I am. Please, help me.

The version that lived in a forest with her father since the death of his mother, five years earlier, not just convince neither the police nor to skeptical British journalists who track their steps without much result. Physical and behavioral surprising the tabloid The Sun has toured the beautiful but inhospitable N.p. Bavaria where supposedly survived outdoors and where buried his father to start a journey on foot for two weeks until the German capital guided only by a compass. The natural reserve guards acknowledge that many foods such as mushrooms and wild fruits that can be eaten, but the harsh weather conditions during the winter make it almost impossible there are survival there. In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, the German officer who attended Ray at first reveals that teenage blonde with blue eyes seemed not a tramp, which was clean and not smell. It was she who sought accommodation at a juvenile Center and told her how to get there by subway. The younger (according to the story of women) took several coins from his pocket and asked if it would have enough besides if could buy the ticket at a machine, something that the British newspaper has qualified for surprising for someone who says having lived in wild way for so long.