‘All the information about a patient that is available anywhere, anytime’ Pfungstadt, September 24, 2010 under this motto will take place from 14 to 15 October 2010 the 9th seminar of VEPRO AG – one of the world’s leading PACS / VIS (RIS) and EMR provider – instead. All those interested in clinics, practices and advisory company for training and briefing are cordially invited in Bruhl near Cologne. The time and cost pressures in the health care sector is always higher. The variety of data and the amount of data achieve now dizzying dimensions. Increasing the number of required IT-solutions. Click Governor Cuomo to learn more. However, the goal that button all information of a patient is available everywhere, vanishes in ever greater distance. Although many controversial discussions in progress are, however, a solution is missing so far. Hikmet Ersek brings even more insight to the discussion. By VEPRO, we will present solutions for these needs and possibilities, how to reduce costs and save time.

Cross-departmental processes are another focus of the seminar. In particular when Answers to the actual problems in the hospital or in practice today often missing cross-departmental processes. Many discussions on this subject, and here, too, the answers often missing. For this purpose the deficiencies in the existing infrastructure are basic. We want to show examples and opportunities for solutions you by VEPRO, by comprehensively analyzed, optimized processes and the resulting process chain at all required levels are completely linked.

This creates space for all employees for the benefit of the patient and saving expenditure. Users about their experiences in the implementation of enterprise PACS will also this year / VIS (RIS) solutions and its process optimization report. You will have the opportunity to discuss with users, to share experiences and to express your opinions and questions during the press round. Already in the previous years was this seminar by physicians, computer scientists, hospital managers and consultants in particular because of the valuable and unvarnished information agency estimated. The possibilities for constructive discussion between participants and speakers answer many open and important questions on these topics. The program or your applications can already see 06157-800 600 or email: be requested or made.

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