Spanish Agrarian Sector

May 25
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Sara Rivers 20m The past Thursday the announced that an infectious bud that was causing deaths in that country came from Spanish cucumbers. Del is a specific lot of cucumbers that is no case associated to this bud in Spain. The Meeting of Andalusia already has initiated activities with the affected companies and has taken measures not to commercialize the implied lots of the product. The bacterium ' E. Coli' it is transmitted by direct bonding with the surface of the food.

Already denominated ' crisis of pepino' , that it especially affects to Germany and Spain, it has untied the alarm in both countries and is causing numerous consequences, not only from the sanitary point of view (there are already 14 deceaseds in Germany), but also the image of Spanish agriculture has been seen seriously damaged. It was the past Thursday when the German Government announced that the infectious bud that was causing deaths in that country came from Spanish cucumbers that were contaminated with bacterium E. coli Enterohemorrgica. Nevertheless, they are many the questions that arise around the case. The main one falls to finding out where the cucumbers with this toxin have been contaminated.

Although the Spanish Government yes has recognized who the origin of three of four infected cucumbers is Spanish (there is another one comes from Holland), do not exist tests that demonstrate that it has been in Spain where they have become infected by this bacterium. What is the bacterium ' E. Coli'? This pathogen can be as inoffensive as mortal, following the variety that treats. According to the investigator of the CSIC and the National Center of Biotechnology Miguel Vicente, " some varieties of this bacterium are perfectly innocuous and we took with nostros all the life to them, do not produce problems in organismo". Nevertheless, it points Vicente who this less frequent variety, the E.

Morris Labor

Sep 27
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Barcelona returned to the prepared track to continue its recital dnsivo supported in the ctividad in attack of Perovic, eight points, to destroy the local painting. A 12-3 partisan allowed the Bara to arrive at the ten of advantage (31-41), before a Labor Box that appealed like unique argument to the heart of San Emeterio and his nine points. Those of Paschal began the definitive act with seven points of advantage (46-53), before a Labor Box that was entrusted to individual actions of Ribas, Kitchen gardens or Teletovic to plug its deficiencies and limitations. One of those impulses took to him only to be placed to three points (59-62) to less than two minutes. This campaign was the last act of faith of the Labor Box because two free shots of Blonde and one basket of Navarrese choked CONATO of overcome to certify the ticket to the end of the ACB by fifth consecutive season. List of credits 61. Labor box (16+15+15+15): Kitchen gardens (8), Oleson (0), San Emeterio (14), Teletovic (9), Barac (8) – five Ribas initial (10), Palace (3), Batiste (4), Logan (3) and Dragicevic (2).

71. Regal Barcelona (20+15+17+18): Sada (0), Navarrese (13), Anderson (12), Lorbek (9), Perovic (10) – five initial, Blonde (7), Grimau (2), Vzquez (7), Lakovic (3), Morris (0) and N' Dong (8). Referees: Arteaga, Bulk, Peruga. Eliminated Barac (M. 37). Incidences: Third party of semifinals ACB disputed before 9,500 spectators in Buesa Sand of Vitoria. The Regal Barcelona overcomes series 3-0 and obtains happens to the end of Liga ACB. Source of the news: The Bara ends the Labor Box and will play the end of the ACB

Major Fallen

Sep 2
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The risk premium is placed to the closing in the 398 basic points. The European places register the fallen majors of the year. The BCE will give during six months to the commercial banks the money that need. The Spanish Treasure manages to place 3,300 million in bonds to a high interest. The Spanish finances exceed the psychological limits again. The Ibex-35 lowered to the closing to the 8,686, 6 points, a 3.89% less.

The major fallen in all the year. The risk premium returns to escape, by third consecutive day, the 400 basic points at precise moments to close in 398. This record of slope has been breaking the previous annual minimum, reached for two days. The Ibex-35 left then a 3.24% and the premium cleared the 377 points. The accumulated losses in this exercise ascend to the 11.89 percent. In Europe, with the Euro to 1.417 dollars, the main European places registered the fallen majors of the year. Frankfurt under a 3.4%, levels of past October; London, a 3.43 percent and in prices of September of 2010. ; Paris it yielded 3.9% until levels of July of the past year; and Milan, the great victim of the day, lowered 5.16% backing down to levels of April of 2009.

The Treasure and the BCE After the opening of stock-market of Madrid, the Spanish Treasure has managed to place 3,300 million bond Euros to three and four years, but paying an interest of 4.90% and 5.05%, respectively, levels that did not reach from 2008. The Treasure has decided to postpone the auction anticipated for the 18 of August. The declarations of Jean-Claude Trichet, president of the European Central bank, confirming that the emitting institute continues with its program of bond purchase have had a little CTO, and it has increased the pressure of the markets. The investors hoped more consistent words on the part of the organism to restrain the speculators. In spite of to have announced that will buy debt of Ireland and Portugal, the lack of action on the Italian and Spanish national debt lead the investors to penalize to these countries, especially to Italy. The yield of Italian bonds to ten years it even advanced 6.189%, closely together of 6.284% Spaniards. The fall of the yield of bonds German to 10 years, the good news for the bad country teutn and for the rest, increased the risk premium. The sobreindebtedness that Spain must pay with respect to Germany has arrived shortly after the 17,00 at the 401 basic points. Day in the park In the morning, the premium of risk and Ibex 35 they notified good. The selective one began with ascents of 1.48% after the opening of the session and all the values quoted to the rise that hour, headed by the Santander, that raised 1.99%, while the BBVA advanced 1.53%; Iberdrola, 0.97%; Telephone, 0.86% and Repsol YPF, 0.76%. The risk premium got to lower to the 360 basic points. But after the appearance of Trichet they returned the negative tendencies, with the Ibex-35 perdindo the level of the 9,000 and the premium climbing positions again beyond the 400. The great values, headed by the banks, cleared fall: Telephone it fell 2.88%, Santander 4.43%, BBVA 4.12%, Iberdrola 3.54% and Repsol 5.71%. Source of the news: The Ibex-35 lowers a 3.89%, the major fallen in all the year