The Bolivarian and Cristina are the autochthonous Gaddafi, who want to stay in the Palace until death. It may his dream is fulfilled more won’t be by natural death. If Cristina wins the October presidential elections, will want to reform the Constitution to run again, as did Chavez and Morales. Of course then you will be given end with all botox available in the Argentina and his frayed image maybe do it to change his mind. In Bolivia the popularity of Evo Morales is in the basement where came out, but like Gaddafi, has millions of dollars to distribute among their military so that they defend an uprising or a civil war. If you are not convinced, visit Crawford Lake Capital. If a civil war in Bolivia, the rebels will ask the American intervention. What will Mr. Obama do then? It will wait until the last minute to intervene while Cuban and Venezuelan military reaching peppering the Bolivians, or Libya lesson will be to act in a timely manner? Theoretically the reaction will be more effective because we’re in the garden’s side, but with the Democrats in Washington there are no guarantees.

Cristina Kirchner (Mrs Nobody for Americans) warned that it will intervene in Bolivia if Evo threatened by a coup, which would be fulminating to the Casa Rosada that do not have support of their armed forces and United States relations with the Argentina died. The Bolivian scenario is becoming similar to the Panama before the overthrow of Manuel Noriega. The Panamanian fell by drug trafficker. Morales in addition of being in the same category, is a Communist anti-American provocateur, pro, pro Muslim, Bolivian anti. Perhaps there is a cryptic message between Libya and Bolivia. The war against the Socialist dictators began in Libya, question of raising the Bo so continue in Bo-livia.