Networkers Company

Sep 4
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It is the stage that implies the majors risks, everything is hardly initiating. Generally, the company abre its doors in a single country (in general in the United States), although exist some exceptions. Only recommended for Networkers with experience and that previously has investigated the company. Phase of Concentration From 1-2 year to 4-5 approximately. In this stage the first adjustments are made generally and important changes, design strategies at global level, they are gotten up new and better tools and generally increase the catalogue of products. Here they appear the first great leaders and these generally they begin to form its networks in countries where the company not yet has arrived.

It is the phase more adapted to enter, although you will have to invest to long time and money for prepararte it next stage and to take advantage of it to the maximum. Phase of MomentumEsta is the phase that all networker delay, is when the distributors support themselves most of, are generated the majority of executive ranks and the checks multiply. This stage does not take place generally at the same time in all the countries, but in each it makes different from the rest at the same time. Connect with other leaders such as Frank Armijo here. In order to be able to take advantage of this phase and to remove obvious to the majors economic benefits to the maximum it is necessary that you are preparation. Phase of Stability In this stage to enter to the company or stops being a good business, since the same has stopped growing it will do or it very little the more. If you want to obtain financial freedom with your business multilevel, I do not advise to you to enter a company that is in this stage. 4-El Plan of compensacinEn this sense hacete these questions: the plan of compensation of company that I am evaluating, It foments the work in equipment and the duplication? Or however, it puts equipment to compete and it foments the aggressive sale? The plans of present compensation multilevel award neither the massive sale nor the formation of fleets of salesmen but, on the contrary, they promote the formation of equipment that consumes and shares a product. Another aspect in this sense, is if it pays more in the first positions or the last ones.

The ideal is in the intermediate ones since it is there at where the majority arrives from the Networkers. 5-El Equipment Before entering a company multilevel fijate if the equipment of which you are going to be part has a System of professional work, modern and duplicable. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Frank Armijo. Without a system you will not know by where going, what to make nor how do it. Your equipment must count on a Plan of structured work, that guides all new partner. Asegurate of which your equipment uses Marketing of Attraction and averigu if it offers vanguard tools you. These are the 5 stars of the businesses multilevel of the present time. Now already sabs how to evaluate one business opportunity. Busc one that is excellent! Tens some commentary on this article? It will enchant to know your opinion to me.

Venezuelan Seasonings

Mar 21
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In the two last columns we have written of the sofrito and the condiments, like essential part in the process to give flavor to the meals. However, after to read these articles at great length, I had left some questions in the mind, like for example the paper of oils and saborizados vinegars, the pickles and other seasonings, used frequently to give flavor to the meals. It comes me to the memory that my parents did a flavorful island gravy to us, to accompany the meats and salads or the Joel uncle, that always she had in its refrigerator, the trujillanos ajiceros, to give a touch of flavor to its plates. I do not remain another remedy that to review my notes of the school, to consult books of the School of Kitchen Bleu Cord and by supposed to Him to review specialized books of Venezuelan kitchen, to deepen in the different forms to season foods, besides the written ones previously. From our point of view, we reached the conclusion that, to complement the information of those columns, we had to write about seasonings, gravies, ajiceros & conserves, as complementary preparations in the kitchen, to saborizar food plates. The seasonings, are condiments to heighten the flavor of salads and other plates, that contain oil.

Within this category of condiments they are vinagretas, that are prepared with three parts of oil by one of vinegar and usually are used to flavor green salads and mixed with it grazes, vegetables, fish & seafood. Soon they are the cooked seasonings that contribute a deeper flavor and a velvety layer to vegetables, fish, birds and meats. The gravies are dressings that emphasize the flavor of other plates. Usually one prepares with grass and worn out vegetables or very finely cut, oil and vinegar. In Venezuela, the most known they are the trujillanos gravies (State Trujillo), that admit many variants of ingredients and they use in the breakfast, like companions of round maize loaves, pasties and pastelitos.