Traditional Marketing

We can see but it thus better: My Business Is For All (Traditional Marketing); but (completing the phrase), All Are not For My Business (Marketing of Attraction) because to many it will be to them irrelevant what I offer. Very well, just we are learning the real form of how catching clients highly interested, for that, I am going to illustrate better with a phrase than it is used in the attraction marketing: ” Not you can to sell Fillet mion perfectly cooked, To vegetarian, no matter how hard he is with the best Argentina Meat of export Some entrepreneurs who do not know like making clients new, throw the fault to him to its product, its company, its trade, etc., when the problem is not that, but, that this not focusing in catching people highly needed their opportunity, in fact the time and the money with a list are losing that well has from the beginning not been focused. One is not to have a great list, than one treats is to have a highly effective list, that is the secret to make money by Internet. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Chobani Foundation by clicking through. We see in summary than one treats: 1 We must find a niche or market (of to be possible a micro niche that has an amount of people interested in it is) to which to offer the opportunity that I have. 2 Crear a trade funnel => a) To create a product of gift in format pdf, Podcast, Video, a Course, etc.), b) To do one page of landing, c) To make a page of unloading, and d) To create a form to catch the name and the email of the prospectus and future client, that is to say, To create the List).

3 Establecer one or more platforms to trade your products or services (Online: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and the different methods from payment; Offline: Marketing through means, meetings, invitations, etc.). 4 Depurar the list, that is to say, to happen to another list to the prospectuses that are arranged to buy the service or product that your you offer or in case already they are clients, that is to say, we must create the mechanism to turn them into clients appellants. With the purpose of to make more money with the List, he is advisable that you very create a segmented and studied list..

Robert Heilein

Love is that provision of the mood, in the happiness of another being is essential for their own happiness Robert Heilein love is the union that allows to preserve the integrity and own individuality Eric Fromm previous appointments are only a small sample of the more usual definitions of love. If we join it in a single would be expressed two basic concepts: own happiness, that of the other and the preservation of individuality. The truth is that in thousands of books and songs he speaks of love and he exalts as the purest emotion, however they end up mixing the concepts of love and desire, which generates erroneous expectations about it, especially to future generations. It is important to clarify that the idea of love has not always join the stable couple. It makes barely a century, marriage as an institution, intended to maintain a social and economic order and to provide a strong family framework, had nothing to do with love. To play roles were well described and delimited.

Nobody is She called delusions about that marriage success had to be sustained by the magical power of love. If this occurred, it was coincidentally added the relationship but not as a main factor to maintain the relationship. The love of romantic, one who refuses to see the defects of the other and to underestimate the difficulties, is not a policy insurance of stability and happiness itself, nor of the couple. Love must entail respect towards each other and towards oneself. You must provide an equitable relationship. It cannot be a form of dependency, and like any other feeling, is subject of a development process.

Its maintenance requires effort, will and common sense, and why not?, a dose of insight, initiative and good humor, in order to keep alive the illusion and desire. Here I come, to which I think, is the most important part of this article: none of the above is possible if you have not first and foremost a correct concept of itself and one clear and realistic picture of the other as being independent. The union for love not It should imply possession, nor dependence. I invite you to reflect and to change the following ideas and practice wrong on love. I am sure that it will be a good first step in the development of healthy, happy, mature and stable relationships: – focusing attention on beloved, not in love – if the other does what I like is because not loves me and loves me not me I have the wrong person – love is something magic that depends on the fate of each one – love can die unless we can do nothing about it – The difficult thing is not love but find the person that is as I am looking for it if you want to know more about this topic or other psychology, or if you want to make me a free online consultation, enters