Text Formatting

All of the above five types of copywriting one way or another contribute to the promotion of the product, but do it directly is still only three. SEO-copywriting intended more for search engine optimization. And his main goal is raising the ranking of your site and increase attendance. Speechwriting also can not sell, copywriting, as in basic public speaking driving force is the speaker, his charisma and ability to sound beautiful text. What does it take to advertising copywriting (web copywriting and rewriting) has successfully sold? What should be in paper or article to promotion The product was effective? Texts for print advertising and online advertising will differ in some details, but not at its core.

Since in our paper, we consider the question concerning the copywriting for the Internet, We have it in mind. The text for the site and requires a combination of many elements of advertising messages, here are a few: 1. “Delicious” headline. “Read the headlines to five times more than the texts themselves” – Ogilvy on Advertising / D.Ogilvi. The title should “hook” the reader and make reading.

2. Presence in the text illustrations. Many of the best copywriters use in their selling text illustrations. Illustration for the site must also name contain the keyword. Illustration of the keyword in the title is a way to free website promotion on the Web. 3. Key words in the text. Must again remember about keywords. The best option is “Sharpening” articles under the same keyword. That is, in the title, the title and text illustrations, using only one keyword. In the text need to use the keyword several times, preferably in different ways writing. 4. Simple language, clear and relevant subject. It will not hurt and sometimes a drop of good humor and irony. 5. The absence of hype. Article should not “vparivayut”! 6. Readable font. For effective online advertising font size not less than 10, “sans-serif: Arial, Verdana and Arial black, black on white. 7. Text Formatting: selection of key words, short and clear headings, bulleted and numbered lists, short paragraphs, the most important phrase in beginning of the text. 8. Article solve the problem of the reader responds to a question that he asked the search engine generates a lot of useful information. 9. A detailed description of the topic, highlighting unique or new features. 10. A call to action at the end of the text: “buy now”, “to order” and “send a request,” contact information “contact us” and the ease of placing the order. The presence of the aforementioned 10 signs albeit not guarantee 100% success but sales of the product will be provided!