The Clientele

The effect We examine the psychological consequences first. The public opinion lost the confidence in the Brazilian institutions, not because of the democracy in itself, but because of the human factor composes that it. This because, they are on closely to the predatory capitalism, and in the inspiration of the liberal democracy, that is, without borders, this makes with that this new party is heard and all the dissatisfied ones, they are presented to hear the apelos of its controllers. We cannot doubt that let us find part of our mass in the unemployeds, the refugee of the urban violence, in the abandoned ones of the system of social attendance, the excluded ones from the economy, etc. This in the ones backwards each day hundreds of adepts, in the measure where they take knowledge of our existence. We are proceeding from the crisis.

But the crisis extends this phenomenon, bringing for our movement, hundreds of indispensable citizens, who will ascend to all in the power. Thus, in the space of some years, the great depression will result in the abandonment of this nepotista and cyclical politics, of the current trplice to be able, for a new order politics, been born and thought about the essence of the people, to be collective. Another important point is the reaction: of sociology, the men, the clientele and the proper heads politicians. The controllers of the current politics, enlist themselves mainly in the traditional aristocracy, the hereditary nobility. However, we do not belong to the chaste one, we are men at least in the first vacant and our initial nucleus as an expression of the refusal and the protest of individuals that the refuga society or that do not find half to combine in the traditional pictures of the current model politician. To this first vacant it comes to add second, composed one of people whom a craft had, a profession,> but that the behavior liar of the elect ones deprived, them of its position, placing them, of inopino, in psychological availability and politics.