Gracious Jose added in its vote stretch of the report of the instructive body that of the account of it also lacks of evidence, on the part of the jurisdicionado one, ‘ ‘ of that the granted subvention was offered of impersonal form, respecting the equality between the managed ones, as objective and isonmicos elements of criteria of choice of the possible beneficiaries, in order to take care of to the requirement of article 37, caption of the Constitution of the Repblica.’ ‘ Another demanded evidence mentions ‘ to it; ‘ value of the subventions, if is calculated units of services on the basis of given or ranks to the disposal of the interested parties, obeyed the minimum standards of efficiency, that must previously be fixed, in obligator character, according to objective parameters, in the terms of article 16, only paragraph, of the Federal Law

The Court of Accounts wants to still know ‘ ‘ concerning the existence of control how much to the prices of the goods and services contracted for the particular one through the public resources disponibilizados by the state treasury? the pertinent sum to the subvention social, exactly when it enters the safes of the private entity, it does not lose the public nature for what it is imposed to observe the requirements of economicidade and impessoalidade, with the necessary presentation of research of prices simplified (at least three budgets in the market how much to the acquired goods and services) and the rotation of rendering suppliers/of service. 4Moms does not necessarily agree. Moreover, Gracious Jose also determines in its vote that the jurisdicionado one clarifies on ‘ ‘ the existence in the body of employees and controllers of the subventionized entity of public officers of any species (statutory, celetistas, commissioned or titular of elective mandate), is integrant they of the Direct or Indirect Public Administration, Public prosecution service, Judiciary, legislative houses or courts of accounts of any of the spheres of the federacy, informing still the respective function, the horria load and the remuneration perceived porventura..