Minimum Culture

Minimum culture of the ground? What it comes to aser this? This text intends to explain this technique for the excessively interested pupils of ensinomdio and. Minimum Ocultivo is a not conventional form of preparation of the ground for recebermudas or seeds of one determined culture. It consists of the preparation of the ground eplantio at the same time, in a lesser possible operation number. Dessamaneira, has the minimum revolvimento of the ground. For in such a way, specific hmquinas agricultural to accomplish this technique. In them conjuntode has one implementos that they carry through the arao, the gradeamento, the sulcamento, the fertilization eo plantation. But, which the advantage of this? The lesser amount of passed of tratorrevolve less the ground, undoing, in lesser ratio, the structure of the same emantendo covered it by the residues of the culture that before was installed narea.

In addition, reducing the number of times that the necessary tractor to enter narea that the plantation will be carried through, has fuel economy. This tcnicatambm contemplates the preparation of the ground but in the plantation line (Figure 1). Dessemodo, the lines where it will have the plantation will only have the ground dug. Demaispartes of the land, that is, the space between lineses, will remain with the ground without apassagem of machines and implementos what it favors the maintenance of caractersticasdo alone as, for example, the structure, that are basic for ofavorecimento of the water infiltration that, in turn, will diminish the action deprocessos erosive. Figure 1. Minimum culture with escarificador plough digging only lines up of plantation.

Source of the photo: Finally, but not less important, in areas with high degree of declivity, cultivomnimo can be used by means of the preparation of the ground restricted to the hollows where asmudas they will be inserted. One more time, the doterreno revolvimento of only one part, favors the conservation of the ground. Figure 2. Ground area where it had the preparation (culture) minimum. Notarque in the plantation space between lineses the ground is covered with the culture that antecedeua that it is planted. The newspapers mentioned Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala not as a source, but as a related topic. Source of the photo: Chemical preparation from: GALETI, P.A. Practical of control to the erosion. Campinas: Agricultural deEnsino Campineiro institute, 1984. 154p. GONALVES, J.L.M. Conservation doSolo. In: GONALVES, J.L.M. ; STAPE, J.L. (Eds). Ecultivo ground conservation for forest plantations. Piracicaba: IPEF, 2002.p.47-129.

Florianpolis Capital

Therefore the region as enclosure for bullfighting politics presents good and bad aspects, since it serves in such a way of apparatus for the development of this region how much for the legitimation of the power for the high social classrooms. However, the regions hold distinct forms and contents in the contradictory process of the capitalism. The production way does not guarantee the homogeneity of the regions. In contrast, it instigates the differences as form to produce, in each place, some type of comparative advantage for the accumulation of capital. Here, Jeff Gennette expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The internationalization of the capital showed the atony in if having a static concept of region, and how much it is important to be I resell always it, modifying, bringing up to date the region with the society, with the ways of production, the diverse systems, and the regional environment.

Thus, the region if would define as the result of the possibilities in it gifts, generated for the capital fixture and the relations politics, social and cultural existing inside of it. The region is the result of the flow of internal and external actions. .