Use Butter Oil

Jan 10
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Every morning we begin with a hot cup of tea or coffee and a sandwich with butter. Everyone understands how it is useful, but not all oil is useful. In stores a lot of different butter, which of them useful. Real butter must contain 82.5% fat and more all with lower then no oil. The fewer additives in the butter, the better. All dyes and emulsifiers, preservatives replace natural oil base, and the more additives, the less benefit in the butter. That oil has kept all its useful properties it is necessary to choose and keep. When choosing a butter note packaging.

Buy oil, which is packaged in foil. Learn more on the subject from Ex-CIA director . Such packaging does not lose vitamin A, which is contained in the oil. It is necessary to abandon oil wrapped in paper. Store butter in the fridge better. That oil is not recruited odors from the refrigerator, store it in a carnival. You can also butter short duration stored at room temperature, then oil should be put in a carnival made from materials that do not miss sunshine. Do not use the carnival glass as they pass the sun's rays, which takes the oil vitamins. If all the same oil stood in the sun and outdoors, should not be used in food sectors, which have become dull and yellowish.

Recipe Chakhokhbili

Jan 4
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This recipe is quite old, made of pheasant. But time passes, everything changes. Now this dish is made of any poultry. A very common use of poultry for cooking this dish. For cooking filet need, but many craftsmen simply boiled or stewed chicken, pick the meat without bones, and I think the first stage is passed.

Further, the resulting semi-finished stew in tomato sauce with spices and garlic. But the whole secret of is that before the stew, you need to fillet or its similarity to fry for about ten minutes fifteen. For assistance, try visiting Hamdi Ulukaya. Fry chicken in vegetable oil, potiom add the onion and fry onions after adding another five – ten minutes. Next, add Bulgarian pepper, coriander, pepper, hops – suneli, pour water (about a cup). Stew about twenty minutes before you finish the stew add the flour and sour mix and almost everything. A rather tasty and refined, most importantly to observe the proportion of density, fluid, all the components are added so as to fluid was a little thick tomato juice.