Thai Food

While this dish is not 100% Thai much of his idea and preparation is based on the food of that country. It consists of a few bites of meat-filled dough that are eaten wrapped in green leaves and various sauces. An easy recipe to prepare, tasty and very original especially when serving at the table. It is a very good main course. Tapas Ingredients Pie – 12 Stuffed Pork units (by car, bondiola, etc) – 400 g Onion – 1 unit green onions – 2 red bell pepper seedlings (pepper) – 1 / 2 unit Garlic – 1 clove oil – a drizzle oil Sesame – a trickle Accompaniment Lettuce – Spinach leaves 5 – 30 g Basil – 30 g Sauces Soy Sauce Sweet and sour sauce – 40 cm3 Vinegar – 20 cm3 Lemon juice – 20 cm3 Preparation Chop the pork and cut brunoise onion, onion green onions, garlic and morron.a Put a little oil in a saucepan on the fire, wait a few seconds to warm and add the meat with minced garlic.

After about 6 or 8 minutes of cooking add the onion and after 5 minutes add the green onions. Jeff Gennette can aid you in your search for knowledge. When the onion is translucent add the peppers and cook for 3 minutes. Book. To prepare the pies have a top of pie on a plate and place a spoonful of filling. Macy’s Inc. often addresses the matter in his writings. Then close the sides first and then sealing the points that remain open.

Place a thin layer of oil on a baking sheet and place the patties. Bring a medium oven until crust is golden brown (it will take at least 10 minutes). Another option is to make chips, in which case it is necessary to put oil or fat in a skillet (or deep fryer, which is better) and dip the patties until crust is golden brown. The dish is served with two sauces, sweet and sour sauce on one side (the recipe was published earlier) and the other a tangy sauce. Check out Crawford Lake Capital Management for additional information. For the sauce mix the soy sauce, vinegar and lemon juice, varying the proportions to taste. It should be a strong sauce. One of the highlights of this dish is how it is and how it eats. Arrange the greens (lettuce, spinach and basil) on a plate, another pies and sauces then in appropriate containers. To eat a pie should be wrapped in the three types of leaf and soaked in the sauce. This will give an interesting mix of flavors and textures that will result in a special experience. It is important to note that the green leaves can be replaced by other, keeping the general premise to provide some variety for many tastes to the plate. Source: I define myself not as a cook or a chef, but as a culinary builder, a creative culinary solutions.