Every certain period in the newspapers continue to see accidents caused by electrocution. Many of these are do not know maybe in a shock or minor damage, and we only learn when they are always fatal The question of what happened, happened, when we know the why it seems that we have the answer and what is not should do. But the specific electrical accidents have multiple variables difficult to enumerate and point solutions After many years in this profession and have the story that one time to replace a coach who had died in an oil refinery and I remember because I went to game of smoke and burned several keys. You realize that the thing is serious, but over time people once again make the same mistakes, haste, lack of facilities, lack of respect to facilities, assistants doing official work, not using the proper tools and often untrained staff doing or trying to do the work, construction workers performing facilities Why have only ever seen the electrician do it, we would be surprised the amount of people who perform these operations because we have the results then make an electrical installation is not to put a ceramic or make an intercom, that if by some twist of fate alone fails There is material expenditure in the electric case is at stake your life if you do not have the necessary skills. In addition to security has to be something intrinsically personal, like wearing underwear, always with us and this will only be achieved by training par excellence, with a knowledge that is passed to an assistant officer with his knowledge of current legislation with training. And that does not happen overnight in the morning.