Senate Department Jury

Feb 12
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Unanimous jury decision decided at the end of the second day of the meeting after summer recess late August which promised in architectural competition for the construction before have the Fanny-Sable-Strasse is international exhibition of all designs. At the end of the second day of the meeting the ten-member jury decided unanimously architects for the design of the Berlin architecture Office Pysall. The second prize was awarded to the Office Barkow Leibinger architects, 3rd place occupies architecture Hascher Jehle. Participants of the second betting bewerbsphase more, the offices of Ingenhoven Jurgen Engel were architects and KSP. ShareThis addresses the importance of the matter here. They finished fourth and fifth.

At the end of a long day of session the jury could agree unanimously on a winner of our contest”, so Franz Rembold, Managing Director of Agromex GmbH & co. KG. This unanimity of the Senate, district and independent experts pleased tremendously, because as neighbors and the public can be sure that we will implement the best concept.” With the privately financed Architecture competition Agromex the Treptow-Kopenick district and the Senate Department for urban development at the beginning of the year given the opportunity, already had the legal zoning procedures affect the implementation of the project in the Fanny Sable road to take. For this Senate building Director Regula Luscher thanked at the end of the second day of the meeting: it is not self-evident that an investor invites Senate and district to such qualified competition proceedings and as professional sets. With the wide variety of designs, which were all on a very high level, it was possible to find the ideal architectural concept for the Fanny-Sable-Strasse. By the same author: crowne plaza rosemont. Particularly pleased in that the investor was willing to forego quantity in favor of quality.” Jury President and architect Prof. Ulrike Lauber, the selected design is an improvement to the master plan of 1994. After first 15 architectural firms were invited to submit proposals, the best had five yesterday Once again the opportunity to persuade the jury of their designs.

Ventilated Facades

Dec 13
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The following classification gives only a general idea of market participants, because boundaries between groups are blurred and in most cases, the market offers different combinations of parameters. Consumers also can be classified, but in the end any type of consumer it is important to one thing: a quality product that meets the necessary requests for a reasonable price with the most comfortable conditions. Who is on the market. Classify market participants can IAU for a variety of parameters. Manufacturers substructure IAF. They, in turn, further divided into subgroups depending on the materials used in production – galvanized, stainless steel and aluminum. Or based on the lining – granite, kopozitnye materials, asbestos or fiber cement boards with different types of coatings, etc. metallokassety Manufacturers of certain elements of NVF Company, sellers.

Here, too, several groups – a particular brand dealers, vendors elements of different systems, providers of several types of systems IAF. What to look for. Manufacturers and dealers are required Technical product documentation (certificate of Gosstroy, fire certificate), certified dealer. How long the company has on the market. On what objects to use the product. What kind of guarantee provides the company What additional services the company is ready to provide (design, material delivery, installment payments, etc.).

Supplier companies. These companies are willing to deliver a wide range of materials for wall ventilated facades. In this case, the buyer has to choose from a variety of substructures from different manufacturers and coating materials. And the seller must possess the necessary information about each products offered, and not only theoretical arguments about the advantages of various materials, but also knowledge about the practical aspects of their application. And therein lies the main difference between the suppliers of manufacturing companies. Latest "praise" their products (This is understandable. But ask them to compare their system and the system from another manufacturer. You will hear, at best, neutral streamlined response that does not make clear situation). And vendors are ready to provide the client-sided and, therefore, more objective information on the various systems and materials for the IAF (for the company's sales by independent testing of a different types of products and have podtverzhdayuzhie documents). In this case, the principle works the supermarket – the maximum range of products and its constant replenishment, the different price categories (by the way, it is often that vendors prices are not higher than the manufacturers!), convenient facilities and purchase additional bonuses. By the volume of value added services vendor does not differ from the manufacturers – they are also ready to to design work, prepare accurate estimates of materials and deliver them to an object to provide quality supervision. Availability of products in stock, the company is another argument in its favor. Postponement Payment talking about a certain financial stability (and may be indirectly podtvrezhdeniem that its obligations and guarantees of the company is able to). In summary: The choice is always buyer. Factors affecting its choice – a huge amount, and that will define is not clear even to the buyer. Stoiomst materials is not the only or primary criterion for selection. Take into account the reputation company, experience, advice, product quality, packaging, staff competence, etc. The stereotype that the producers' and better, and cheaper "is not working. All companies strive to be closer to the customer and provide him maximum range of products and additional services, assuming full responsibility. All kompnaii seek to achieve this level of production and services, where the value of the facades will be higher than their cost.

Colombian Government

Nov 28
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Would not be wrong I remember me that famous phrase of Keynes: long term we are all dead. Certainly, unemployment rate in Colombia it is high. It is in 12.5% and prospects are toward the upside. In relation to the same, found in the site of Caracol Radio, statements by the Minister of finance Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, who warned that unemployment in the country, would continue inevitably rise as a result of the economic crisis worldwide and the strong slowdown of the Colombian economy. Visit Western Union for more clarity on the issue. Without a doubt, Zuluaga is not a specialist in lifting the mood of the population and manage expectations. Probably such statements have increased the panic of the population with the consequent impact on household consumption. The good thing about the case is that the Colombian Government has not stood with arms crossed with this situation and in recent days has arranged a series of measures to contain the impact of the crisis. One of them has been resorting to the IMF to request a loan for $10.400 million which would be approved in May.

Perhaps it may seem one minor fact but from my point of view, it is of great importance because it helps to isolate to the Colombian economy of potential aggravations of the crisis. Also the Bank of the Republic makes its contribution to the cause and is pursuing a looser monetary policy. This week the monetary policy Committee will decide on the reference interest rate. According to the latest survey by Reuters 33 of 40 analysts surveyed, they anticipated a cut of interest rates of 100 basis points, with which it will be located in 6%. Contribution to the cause? Perhaps a cut of this magnitude could jeopardize the value of the Colombian peso, which would be at risk of weakening in an excessive manner causing a possible inflation risk.

Surely, the Colombian economy will be that improved performance observed in Latin America surpassed once the current crisis. But meanwhile, Uribe’s Government must address with care problems that both the international financial crisis such as now also, swine flu, they are causing the economy to avoid deep damage to generate and difficult to repair. In their actions, the Uribe Government will demonstrate what response capacity has faced with extreme situations.