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There were instances, in the form of a lion's paw or the influx, the wide part of the curved legs decorated or carved or fan-shape bowl. During this period, was decorated with gold furniture not or silver, a popular material for thought mahogany. But his appearance in the furniture industry, mahogany required British colonial trade empires. It was in England for the first time used in the production of mahogany furniture (tables, chairs, cabinets and chairs), after which the material due to its durability, texture, richness color spectrum, has received widespread, throughout Europe. English furniture produced excellent closets, two layers of material for them – nuts, decor performed using profiles and panels. To deepen your understanding crowne plaza rosemont is the source. Dining table from an array, with drop-sides and carved legs transforming, as developed talented English furniture. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from crowne plaza rosemont. Quite diverse pieces of furniture for sitting. Chairs Solid wood turned legs are straight, or smooth forms, decorated with intricate carvings.

Backs, which have wooden chairs from the array, its smooth curves resemble a silhouette, a vase or a high body violin, later, start doing back through. Desk and chair from an array of magnificent combination of English furniture. As for the chairs of this period, they are incredibly comfortable and beautiful, especially the chair, having high armrests, which are called "wings". Large cabinets for books with glazed doors, glass has a diamond pattern, obtained by soldering pieces of glass. Beds with beautiful canopy, and not inferior to the size of closets. Compulsory subjects in the interior of British homes are desks and tables from an array of dining, as well as floor clocks of various shapes and sizes. Originality English furniture from the 18th century, is the result of close cooperation and furniture masters, with the architects.

One of the most popular artists in the production and design pieces of furniture of this period is Chippendale. Collaboration with architects furniture promotes the adoption of the general solution as a result of which furniture goes well with the interior. Used elements taken from the French or Chinese style, quite relaxed, restrained, and easy to perceive. Ornamental motifs rocaille, absolutely do not break the symmetry in decoration, and fragments of the Gothic style perfectly in tune with classical proportions.

Silk Fabrics

Jul 1
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Silk cloth, or more precisely, the silk thread – a product of the silkworm, insect, known in China since time immemorial. Fine silk fabric "cool" in the heat. This amazing property is a consequence of the ability of natural fibers to keep warm. No less valuable and the fact that silk fabric does not become wet to the touch, it can absorb moisture up to 50% of its own weight! Clothes made of silk comfortable to wear in any weather: it warm in the cold and not heated in the heat. Silk quickly evaporates moisture from the skin surface. The highest quality silk is spun, it is extracted from the long filaments that are in the middle of the cocoon. For centuries silk tissue was considered one of the hallmarks of sophistication and luxury. Affordable they were, only the noble lords, yes, that princes, only the emperor.

In our times, let the silk cloth, can virtually anyone, and the quality reached such a level that the emperor himself would envy. According to research by psychologists, silk products has a calming effect on the nervous system, and silk bedding enhances sensuality. Bedding accessories made from silk pleasure to use, since the amazing quality, natural fabrics and gorgeous looks are rooted. Now there are several kinds of silk fabrics: lightweight, soft heavy, hard and printed silk. Progress in the textile industry has reached such a level that the silk can be combined with wool, viscose … Woven fabrics of silk fully meet modern requirements, stated in the tissue. They are lightweight, resilient, beautiful, almost rumpled, elegant. Silk fabrics are disgusting quality, if the manufacturer decided to save on raw materials, such a product can be thrown out after the first wash.

At our factory the latest equipment, high-quality materials, skilled workers. All this together gives excellent results and quality of the silk fabric of high level. Give us a call and our experts will pamper you in luxury, pleasure and an unforgettable delight. Your home will gain a second wind, and the elegant decor of silk so please your eye, you do not want to leave the house. And we in turn take care of a worthy choice and high As tissue.

The Room

Jun 14
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To this end, the cord must have a good stretch, and then gently take him off the wall, while respecting its perpendicular to the wall, and release. On the wall appears smooth line, which will be a guide for installing molding. In addition to this method of partitioning, you can use the electronic level. This procedure must be repeated on all the walls. The next step will be the exact alignment of all corners of the room. To do this, apply "Ganiometr" (folding protractor). Others including Andrew Cuomo, offer their opinions as well. At a basic ceiling with a pencil you can mark all the values obtained.

The accuracy of alignment should be 0.5 degrees. Or rather do is simply impossible, because the price scale division instrument is 1 degree. Next is preparing a profile for rail fixed to the wall. Typically, the length of the baguette is 3-4 meters, and if the room is longer or shorter, with the help of a pendulum blade profile to fit the desired size. Mounted baguette with screws, and the need to take into account that the upper edge should be at the level previously marked area. And so, the baguette is located and secured on all the walls. The next, most critical step will be immediate installation of fabric that is still folded, and quality packaging. Packaging plays an important role, because if the slightest of damage can deteriorate very fabric.

Unpacking it in a fairly warm place (40-50 degrees) to warm up, you can use the heat gun. Installation of paintings begins with a base angle, designated by the manufacturer in the drawing, which when unfolding occurs first. Further, he catches on the profile with the help of clamps. Then opened and the other corners, which also engages in the appropriate places. Heat gun on – still needs work. Tensioning the canvas is fully deployed, it needs to warm up the temperature at which it is installed. When the fabric is warm and ready to install and can be installed in a baguette. Begin to pull the canvas need a corner, with – than with anyone. After tensioning and securing the corners, pull straight sections.

Environment European Union

Jan 10
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True, few people think that this environmentally friendly, you can easily wipe out low-quality paints, varnishes and impregnation. Wood requires a real hard pre-processing and rejection, so there are wooden windows expensive, about twice as expensive than the same window, but with a frame made of PVC. More expensive luxury box made of fine laminated timber – oak, European beech, mahogany. The appearance of plastic windows pushed from the market, wooden frame. Learn more about this with James Woolsey. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) – a practical, robust, durable and inexpensive material.

Heat and soundproof properties, it is not inferior to the tree. Moreover, now PVC is environmentally safe, even at the stage of production and disposal. The fact that recently appeared recipe 'green line', introduced on all German industries KBE (leader of the Russian market of plastic profiles for windows and doors). The technique involves the use of exclusively 'lead free' stabilizers that are based on environmentally friendly compounds of calcium – zinc (CZn). In Germany, the window of a safe plastics meet the new requirements of the Commission on the Environment European Union, under which up to 2006 PVC profile should significantly reduce the use of lead compounds. Aluminum frames, characterized the increased strength, the most appropriate used for window openings larger sizes, for example, stained glass and glass balconies. Aluminum retains heat poorly, but now there are technologies that make the metal more 'warm' – with a variety of insulated boxes. Prior to that, aluminum is practically not used in residential construction, despite its strength and durability.