Appeared on the domestic market relatively recently, radio-controlled model, all the stronger win the hearts of children. And not just children. There are many adults who are keen modeling. And what man can resist the desire to sit behind the wheel luxury sports car steering wheel wildly twisting turns on, feel the smell of gasoline and hot tire? This opportunity gives radio-controlled cars on gasoline. The choice of these vehicles varied. There are small and RC cars for children and adults for serious car Drift competition.

Such machines have many adult characteristics of these race cars – they are not only good for racing routes, but also in the race without rules and on the road. For real fans of Formula 1 racing suit with the same chassis models, which are designed for racing on a flat surface and are able to develop greater speed. Usually with rear wheel drive, but sometimes there are wheel-drive models. For off-road, as well as ski jumping suit you type chassis buggies. Models such as the chassis come with a full or rear wheel drive. Y-type chassis and Traggi ground clearance and wheel size larger, but otherwise they look like a buggy. If you want to feel like a conqueror of any off-road safely buy his model on the chassis type Monsters with tremendous wheels.

Monsters can overcome almost any obstacles and bumps in the path and jump from a totally arbitrary jumps. The drive gear at such as rear or full. But the highway-type chassis are available with all-wheel drive only occasionally there are models with the rear, and certainly not meet with the front.