Many of the errors that have been appraised actually of the trade networks are the following: " This is changing much? , we are adapting and for that we are doing one reingeniera". In other words, everything is the defocusing that is becoming so common in many from the organizations, which to follow the fashion and/or to try to adapt to her, lose the one who many call " norte" , and they begin to extend the line, being separated of the central concept, causing that the markets (clients) do not know what really it takes control and it offers of the networks of the trade. One is not to remain inactive but to conserve an approach, adapting and working under all the concepts of the innovation. The adaptation process never finishes due to the evolution that in all the fields of the networks of the market occurs, since the constant of the change still " not cambia" , but for that reason it does not have so that to lose the course. " Everybody us conoce". This it is another very common error, as if the new generations and/or the new networks of markets inherited knowledge and many experiences. In addition, that exists an suitable level of recollection and/or functional knowledge is not sufficient to obtain the sustainable behaviors between the members of the trade networks. To the previous thing, it is necessary to add the fact that the changes that have occurred, and they will be continued giving, in everything, do that the activities of the trade cannot be suspended, being it reason of one of the principles of the practical trade which talks about that " in marketing never final&quot is arrived at a goal;. " It is that thus it is stipulated within the trade plan, and that the plan was elaborado&quot very well;. Often it has been said that in the plans of mercadolgicas actions they are not but guides to try to reach a series of objectives and/or I put; they are nor never they must of being shirts of force or to projects that do not admit any type of modifications.