New Works

Poor rights of copyright!. See how their sons multiplied and their incomes decreased. He has now played them not writers, but to the world of showbiz, but this time they are more prepared and with their lawyers and influences propose and favor laws that distort reality, and make it possible that certain scenesters charge for the work of others. These private groups that charge such taxes for allegedly distributing to the authors, say they have in their records more than three million works and works that are not in their records?. They say that to pay the rights of author, previously the author has declare his exploitation of his works in and the authors who do not declare their exploitation?. Questions whose answers are clear. The silly authors as a present, never charge a euro of these private groups, because it is not registered or is a partner.

If you review the objectives and actions of these private groups that expect to get income from the current Government and some say that this approach has been to avoid subsidies by the crisis of a business model that had only a few hours, we see that possibly the only copyright flag has been an excuse to hide the subsidies and switch to the Lords who made them patronage. Just need to read some of their goals: achieve the best results economic, promotional and assistance to its partners. Another company, the group says: design, directing, and controlling the process of transition from current towards a new model of management in line with the new challenges and opportunities the structure and operation. And another says: run programs having as their purpose the promotion and dissemination of the creation. And finally another group says: its main objective is to enrich and disseminate knowledge. Seen and unseen!. Now already was when I cobrare for this article, i.e. never.