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Nov 22
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Among the mini trucks that are present today in the Russian market, deserves special attention loader mini loader mS 800 (Multi-purpose Municipal Building Machine capacity 800 kg) produced domestic producer Kurganmashzavod. The competitive analogue mS 800 in the first place is different democratic price. Availability Featuring a powerful German diesel engine HATZ 3M41 and having impressive characteristics (thrust – 24 kN load capacity 800 kg), the price mS-800 remains accessible to more consumers. Almost every city you can find this agile workaholic. Especially in spring time, when the city 'wakes' up from hibernation, utilities are actively taken to cleaning the streets without the help of mS 800. Multifunctionality But the most surprising is that 800 mS can not only remove garbage and make loading and unloading operations (for which we, in fact, it is always observe), but also make a lot of other works, of which a simple man in the street can not even guess. For example, MS 800 can serve as a rig (often used for drilling the soil under the support pillars of power lines, fences and various other needs).

Sometimes, to break rock or concrete using the powerful breakers (hammers), which also Tools mS 800. In the broad spectrum of attachments designed specifically for the mini-truck, there's even a bucket excavator. If you need to dig a little kotlavan, but the thought of that on your site eksavator will call huge, you throw in a light shock, mS 800 will be very helpful. With its small dimensions and weight, he will perform the work with minimal disruption to your landscape. To date, 800 mS widely application not only in utilities, but also in civil engineering, repair of road surfaces, during the rescue operations, etc. With a wide range of attachments, MS 800 is capable of cope with any, its tasks. Especially indispensable mS 800 is in the works for a limited space. Due to the independent rotation of the left and right pairs of wheels, skid steer loader able to turn around 360 degrees, almost on the spot.

In addition to all the small dimensions of the mini-truck give him that extra edge. Democratic price because the assembly and manufacture of the basic units machines manufactured in the territory of the Russian Federation, the manufacturer is not required to pay any additional state fees (customs, for example), which will inevitably have to "shell out" import competitors, and they are forced to include the value of their mini trucks. Additional information at crowne plaza rosemont supports this article. And the wages of Russian specialists is somewhat lower than their peers for "hill". For this reason, mini loader mS 800, and differs democratic price, making it a truly 'national'.

Cargo Insurance

Jun 9
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Unfortunately, most companies who have to deal with the transport of goods, not thinking about this important aspect of transportation, as cargo insurance, or consider it a waste of money. Usually calculated on the shipping company or on its own resources. Yes, without doubt, the transport company takes the responsibility for safety of the goods and in case of emergency must pay damages. But it should be understood that the most likely damages will be received in the form of cash, but because of services, for example. Or, if large or valuable cargo, the company may simply not have enough finances to pay the compensation. There are cases when a small transport company just went bankrupt trying to pay damages. Also, there are situations where responsibility for damage can not be assigned to a transport company – are moments are usually specified in the agreement entered into between the transportation company and the client. Whenever Andrew Cuomo listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In order not to stay and no cargo of his compensation, it is worth thinking about how to insure the cargo.

It is not uncommon itself when the transport company offers insurance services for goods. Incidentally, this may be an additional advantage in choosing a transport company. If a list of services the carrier insurance services are not available, you can refer to the insurance company providing the service. In general, insurance companies offer cargo insurance to more than one type. Option A – responsible for all risks. If the contract is insurance under this scenario, the insurance company compensates losses for damage or loss of cargo, as well as the costs of rescue and preservation of the goods. If you choose an insurance option, you must read the rules insurance, which were cases and situations in which compensation will be ignored.

Option B – responsibility for particular average. In this case, the insurance contract will be noted in any specific cases, the client and cargo owner can expect to recover damages. Option B – No liability for damages, except in cases of wreck. In this case, pay damages only on the total loss of all or part of the cargo, as well as damage cargo, if it is caused by a vehicle crash that occurred as a result of risks referred to in option B. The insurance contract must be given full and detailed information about what goods mode of transport that cargo to be transported, the geographical area and the cost of the goods. Based on these data will be calculated the amount of insurance premiums. Usually the cost of insurance rate from 0.5% to 3% of the cost cargo, depending on how traffic will be shipping. In the amount of the insurance rate may be affected by the following factors: 1.Vid cargo and its packaging, and transportation route 2.Srok; 3.Kolichestvo overload protection 4.Nalichie; 5.Harakteristiki conveyance. Ability to make some insurance companies may offer to insure the cargo not only its real value, but also to include in the amount of insurance compensation anticipated profits. There is also an opportunity to pay the policy of cargo insurance on credit or get a discount. In any case, you can always find an insurance company offering the best range of services suitable for each case.

Economic Policy Research

Jul 25
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In a crisis, all the developed countries are protectionist (protection of property by non-market economy methods), and, it is a beautiful speeches and appeals to various summits of the economy without barriers. So with November 2008, governments have introduced about 280 of protectionist measures, estimated at the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR). Protectionism doing absolutely all of the country, okay, if a country has modern production, which is temporarily at times of crisis should be supported, and if it is "fossil" AvtoVAZ, remained at the level of the 70s of the last century? Then protectionism is bordered on madness – just for the money wind. Such production should not defend, but an urgent upgrade, what appears to have convinced the Russian government. Compare annual production rate of machines per worker in the automotive industry: Russia – 2.5; Europe – 9 U.S. – 11 Japan – 16; global average value of – 8.

How many thousands did not feed the collective "bungler" billions of dollars in Togliatti injections of public money (not clear on that) and did not install protective duties on imports of machinery (the worsened economic situation of the Far East), anyway, as a result, staff now have to cut the plant. Moreover, losing time, now I have to act according to the worst scenario, called – "punished the innocent." Under the cut, first of all, get a simple working and lower-level engineers, who in the technical backwardness of the Russian car industry from international standards are not to blame. Perpetrators that the huge subsidies have not helped to establish the plant output demanded products, will not incur penalties. Russia – the absolute leader in the number of "most harmful" protective measures (20), estimated at CEPR. In second place – Germany (15), third place is shared by India and Indonesia (10), fourth – Italy, Spain and United Kingdom (9). To protect the domestic market in 2009, the Russian government (except automobile industry protection in the form of cash grants and the establishment of protective duties for foreign cars to 30%) also raised: the import duty on television sets (from 10% to 15%), taxes on certain types of rolled steel-alloy steel (from 5% to 20%), as well as the pipes of iron or steel (with 5% to 20%), etc. All this shows lack of competitiveness of the Russian economy, as for high-performance, modern industry, producing quality goods, are not necessary protective measures, products of such production is always and without demand. Yuri Chashin 09/16/2009