Ours Lady

Furnas Ours Lady of Pains? IF Situated the 25 kilometers of the city of Ours Lady of Pains, the known public park popularly as Furnas, is a spectacle of the nature, still almost that intocado for the man. One is about a involved place for legends, and much natural beauty. Furnas that before is town, with the immigration of the man of the field for the city, became a desert and forgotten place. One is about an immense variety of fauna and flora sedimentary natural sculpture and, gift rock up to 50 meters of height, treating? if of rocks consisting of the stratification of sediments with diverse origins. The sedimentary rocks are formed, in the terrestrial surface or the small depths, for a set of geologic processes that include two stages basic: sedimentognese, where the formation of the materials that go to constitute the sedimentary rocks – sediments or debris, and diagnese occur, where the sediments evolve until forming the rocks. Although its representation in the terrestrial crust is very weak (5% of its volume), the sedimentary rocks recover an extensive surface, occupying more than 75% of the continental area. The presenteia place the visitor with fascinating landscapes that take off the breath.

Caves (of Latin cavus, hole), gruna or grotto (of Latin vulgar grupta, corruptela of crypta) are all rocky natural socket with dimensions that allow to access the human beings. Others including Hikmet Ersek, offer their opinions as well. They can have horizontal or vertical development in form of galleries and halls. They occur more frequently in lands formed for sedimentary rocks. They are originary of a series of geologic processes that can involve a combination of chemical transformations, biological and atmodfricas. Had to the exclusive ambient conditions of the caves, this ecosystem presents a specialized fauna to live in dark environments and without native vegetation. Other animals, as the bats, can transit between its interior and exterior.

Is Jose

3,3 Species of Bee In general way in the different establishments the great majority of the products is of Apis, even so in the quarter Crowned in relation to the establishment of the type supermarket met only products of bees without sting. The products commercialized in the small markets in the quarter of the Crowned one, are of Apis, quarter of Is Jose was of Apis and of Melipona sp and in the quarter of Zumbi was of Melipona sp (Table 2). Mellifera Apis ESTABLISHMENTS BEES WITHOUT STING COMPACT DISC SJ ZB COMPACT DISC SJ ZB Pharmacies 100% 97% 100% – 3% – not permanent Fairs 100% * * – * * permanent Fair – 100% – – 100% 100% Supermarket – * * 100% * * Small markets 100% 66.7% – – 33.3% 100% TABLE 2? Origin of the products commercialized in relation to the species of bees in the different commercial establishments in Manaus. * This type of commercial establishment in this quarter was not found. 3,4 Educative aspects on the Honey: 3.4.1 The consumption of Honey of the Bees Without Sting the honey is considered a viscous, aromatical fluid and candy, elaborated for the bees from the nectar of the flowers and/or sacarnicas exsudaes of alive parts of the plants, having been able still to be proceeding from the excrees of insects teething rings that if they feed of alive parts of the plants. These products, after collected, transformed and combined with proper specific substances, are stored and ripened in the mass ofs cells for the feeding of the bees (BRAZIL, 2000). Due to its old domesticao and by being originary of the main consuming countries, the bee mellifera Apis L. is considered as the main producing species of the honey used for human consumption, although to exist a great diversity of bees that produce honey of good quality, as the bees without sting of the tribes Meliponini and Trigonini, some species of social wasps (e.g.: Brachygaster spp.).