Capacity portable projector enough to get image size from 60 cm (standard tv screen) to the fantastic 15 meters diagonally. Setting the image size can be done in two ways. (Similarly see: Governor Cuomo). Firstly, by changing the distance between projector and screen – more than it is, the more the image. The second method is available in models equipped with zoom lens – a lens with a zoom lens. In this case, the image size can be changed without moving the projector. Geometric image correction when the projector is under considerable angle to the screen image is slightly distorted, taking the form of a trapezoid.

Eliminate trapezoidal distortion can be a variety of ways: by changing the slope of the screen cloth (this possibility is envisaged in some models of projection screens) Using digital correction algorithm using optical technology Correction – 'lens shift' Although the latter method is most effective because it does not prevent loss of image quality, it is available mostly in expensive and powerful models, as well as projectors, intended for the cascade use (when images are used to demonstrate two or more projectors simultaneously). In other cases, you can use the algorithm of digital correction of geometric distortion based on the method compression. Some manufacturers have provided their projectors feature digital keystone correction, not only horizontally but also vertically. This allows the projector to the side of the screen, for example, on a shelf or on the closet, and get with the undistorted rectangular image. Optics Most multimedia projectors have lenses with variable focal length (zoom).

Furniture Development Trends

There is no doubt that a person uses furniture since the beginning of its history. To say how long, you must first find out – but how old mankind? Judging from scientific sources, the unequivocal answer to this point. Hikmet Ersek has compatible beliefs. Called the term from several thousand to hundreds of millions of years! Well, let the debate, suddenly sometime find consensus. It does not matter when it is the beginning, it is important that it was. It seems to me that it was this: someone from first man, very fond of comfort, rolled up to the ancestral fire suitable stone.

Sit. Tired of him constantly taken away his favorite log. And very soon, fireplace was surrounded by such medium-sized boulders – chairs. One of them was obviously more than others and covered with skin Modern furniture – a kind of clothes, on which we clearly define that provides a space where we went. Built faceless volume of the room can become a living space, office, office, coffee shop or showroom.

Well, you see, impossible to confuse the bedroom and an office manager, even if they do not differ in size. For the same furniture, we can very accurately judge the purse landlord, his preferences and inclinations. Special education for such a peer review is not necessary, is enough consumer experience. That such integration furniture culture in modern life. Furniture industry offers Hundreds and thousands of titles from all possible materials, from stone to modern polymeric materials, for any type of premises, for any solvency and taste. You can not buy just a sofa, a seller need to explain where this sofa buy: in the living room, a reception room, sauna or at the dacha. And all this will be different sofas! Office Furniture Now, it's not a table with a chair and a closet, only the transfer of furniture related to the office, will take a few pages. Add to this variation on the themes of status, prestige and price. Ordinary household furniture (which is our home) is not going to keep up with time. Styles, shapes, designs – this is far from complete list than is characterized by modern furniture for the home. Using new materials, develops technology manufacturing industries, increased human demands. New appliances included in our lives, our apartments and offices, reducing our living space. Therefore, in the twentieth century began the integration processes of furniture and household appliances. Now we not only have built-in furniture, but also a built-in appliances. And to her – a cabinet, under the "insertions". And this process does not end in sight.