The Potential

Their main task – to give the potential customer "taste" the quality and usefulness of your information, that he wanted to get your information product as a whole, and not to give the Subscriber all your useful content, and thus replace the contents of a infotovara. 4. More narrow focus of your business proposal. It may also happen that you have a great information product, a great marketing text and stunning series of letters for information support, but your product is still not sold and any money you get. Can not be surprised – this is a typical situation for most online projects.

But how can this be? Why is this happening? The answer is most often banal – the wrong focus of your business proposals. Simply put, most likely, this situation has arisen at you because you are forwarding his proposal is not for those for whom it was created, in other words – leads to your website is not targeted traffic. As we know, from the traffic that does not is a target for your site, no good absolutely can not be. You need to refocus your work, that is to focus on what to bring to your pages only those people are interested in buying what you offer – and no one else. To do this, firstly, stop in their work methods that are being dragged to your site just anyone. Focus on your work with sources traffic, where to you come only target visitors. On all pages on your site let people know for whom he created and to whom the opposite is not.