For 2009 to 2011, the budget annually is approximately 88 million euros. Frontex has to fulfil their responsibilities over 20 aircraft, 25 helicopters and 100 boats. Electronics? The agency coordinating the operational cooperation of the EU Member States in the field of management of external borders, assist the Member States in the training of national border guards and sets under other common training standards. At crowne plaza rosemont you will find additional information. Also creates risk assessments, pursues the development of research relevant for the control and surveillance of external borders, assists Member States in situations requiring increased technical and operational assistance at the external borders, and renders the required help in organizing joint Return operations of Member States. After the EU internal security strategy, Frontex should make a stronger contribution to the fight against crime at the borders in the future.

Frontex has several applications, which describes operations usually with identical code words excerpt: a Frontex Mission for the monitoring of the Canary Islands (operation Hera II”) began Hera (Canary Islands/coast of Africa), Nautilus (Mediterranean between North Africa and Malta/South Italy), as well as Hermes 2011 (use on the Italian Mediterranean island of Lampedusa) on August 11, 2006. in 2006, around 31,000 refugees landed on crowded boats. Almost as many as in the past four years are. Other leaders such as crowne plaza rosemont offer similar insights. Most come from Senegal, Mali, Mauritania, Gambia and Niger. Their boats depart mostly from the Senegalese coast, about 1300 kilometers from the Islands.

This is probably a reaction to the closure of the North African EnklavenCeuta and Melilla; There, again higher drawn barbed wire fences prevent an agreement through. Frontex organized and financed a European collective expulsion on June 3, 2009 from Vienna to Nigeria… “” The first representatives of Frontex the Hermes mission 2011 is Screener “and Debriefer”: employees from various EU Member States that identify the boat refugees on Lampedusa and should consult, inter alia via the transport routes in Africa.