Servicetrace Managing Director

Only in every fourth company all users with the performance of the core applications are very satisfied Darmstadt, May 13, 2008 – only in every fourth company staff with the availability and speed of the core applications are very satisfied. Secure evidence not to be most companies, because they refrain from according to a survey of the Software House Servicetrace to measure the quality of provision to the client of the user. After that, the over 300 IT managers surveyed 27 percent judging that there is no criticism of the speed or availability of the applications from the data center on the part of the user. In addition every third case is mostly a sufficient satisfaction. In similar to many medium-sized and large companies, there are complaints by users, however, more often.

\”Because 32 percent of IT executives in the survey protocol, that their users often not satisfied\” are. Another 7 percent have no accurate assessment. The Servicetrace study is investigated but also the question whether at all accurately identified the Central applications employees will, arrive in quality. The results point to a significant problem, because only every seventh company consistently analysed how high are the availability and response times in the workplace of employees. At least in part another 29 percent of farms, try findings to win, most companies but not deal with the question of what performance concrete is provided to users.

However, the performance quality of applications is measured mostly. This is however typically only centrally, while decentralized analyses are largely the exception. You are made only in every fourth case, either only locally at the user or both central and decentralized. This indicates a significant deficit in the company\”, says Servicetrace Managing Director of Markus Jatin. It helped little, only to determine the output of performance, because on the way between data center and the sites of the user he judges considerable part of which quality can be lost.